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Friday, February 27, 2009

Photo: Let there be light!

I was thinking of writing something philosophical about "Light" and moods and emotions, but I guess I should instead study for my test! :D

So here are 2 pics I wanted to share:

Another variation to the 2nd one! (Spot the difference :P)

Somehow, I've become obsessed with the sun, and it seems to reflect a lot in my pics (Remember the Republic Day Flag's pic?). These 2 pics are of my campus street lights, with the sun in the background (Not hard to figure that out eh?) Took me a couple of days to decide at which time I should click the first one :D

So how's it? Any suggestions on how to play with Sun in pics? (I'm already done with eating it or blasting it like they do in DragonBallZ) :P

Comments welcome!

PS: Sorry for the delay for the upcoming GMail post. Will complete the draft after my test! Don't forget to subscribe! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sketch: Meet the Kala members - WAVES Prelude

Good news: Net's improved a lot in the past one week (compared to the day I last posted about the pathetic Internet, the net speeds have nearly doubled!). Anyway I thought maybe I should post about the other side of my campus too! Since everyone's busy working for WAVES (You don't know WAVES? Read on!), here's a sketch from my side as a "Prelude to Waves" :D

Kala, the fine-arts club of BITS Pilani Goa Campus, organizes events that aim to help others learn art, and mainly have fun while they do so (Check the sketches I made for Origami & Caricature workshop Notices!). This sem, we've increased our strength (Unlike all other clubs, Kala was an open club till now, ie. it comprised of only 6-7 core members who organized events open for all). 

Anyway this isn't meant to be a intro post to Kala. So coming straight to the point, here's a sketch/caricature collection I did of all the Kala members
Coordinator: Shipra; Sub Coordi: Soumya 
Core Committee: Nikhil, Sakshi, Aishwarya, Rasagy (Me! me!), Deepika 
New members: Divesh, Sutirth, Akhil, Madhu, Srishti, Suchismita, Yash, Kaushal

Special thanks to my friend Bing (Also known as Abhijeet :P), who let me play with his tablet for this weekend. He's been doing some kickass artwork (Check his blog!), so I just had to do something too! :D

Not to forget, we've WAVES Summer 2009, Cultural Fest of BITS Pilani Goa Campus, coming up this March. Everyone's busy trying to make the fest a big hit, and I'm sure it's going to be awesome this time (too)! Head on to the website to know about the events, special nites and more! :)

Sadly, being a part of the Controls & Event Management for Waves, I won't get a chance to take part. But then organizing the fest is a thrilling experience too! :)

Anyway how was the sketch? Any comment/suggestions on how to improve? Do let me know by leaving a comment!! :)

PS: Check out my other sketches here!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Internet in BITS Pilani Goa Campus? What's that?

Long time eh? Well it’s been a hectic month already… Apart from the tests that just got over, I finally got the SPICMACAY chapter started in my campus & organized the inaugural performance by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (Spent some time with him too… He’s amazing! _/\_) and then had Quark’09 – Technical festival of BITS Pilani Goa Campus. (Yeah that’s my college :|)

Anyway reason why I’ve been away isn’t either of the above. It’s because BLOGSPOT had been banned in my campus for apparently no reason. Our network admins are known for blocking random keywords (Design, Firefox, Game, Girl, Manchester, Analysis….) , but banning blogspot was just too much. After trying for some 10 days, I finally got a few of these unblocked. So now we can read blogs (Go read about the changes to Gmail Contacts!), surf Designer sites (Saw the Photoblogs@Smashing?), go to the FireFox homepage, and look for websites with Analysis in it.

Sounds too good to be true eh?

Here’s what the net admins did now: They’ve set a limit to the maximum size of the webpage you can load. Great!! So the Wikipedia entry on "BITS Pilani", greets me by the message: “The request or reply is too large.” Ditto with the official BITS Pilani Goa Campus website, or the BITSAA website (That's maybe the only reason why our Campus can survive - The BITS Pilani Alumni). Oh & don’t even dream of opening something like DesignShard (This time, it's not because it has ‘Desi’ in it :X)

That’s not it. Pages now load without half the images (Like AlexBuga's Site or Tutorial9). Formatting of some sites is completely screwed (Smashing Mag & Our very own Waves site for example). And, Orkut, Facebook, Picasaweb, Newsgator, Youtube, Metacafe & Game Development websites (XNA related) are a few of those hundred other websites that are still blocked.

Sad part is, people in the campus don’t really care about this. I’m tired of getting things changed for those who just sit and play CS/Dota in their rooms and abuse Net admins but can’t go upto the authorities to complain. What's the point? I guess I’ll just go & sit in CSD and surf net unrestricted instead of going around getting keywords unbanned. :-/

PS: My mood changed from “I hate this campus” to “Yey my blog’s unbanned” and back to “Great. So now half of Wikipedia is banned. I still hate this campus” in a span of an hour.

PPS: For those who care, Webpage size of Google is 11606 bytes; My blog is 342357 bytes; BITSAA Website is 365549 bytes; BITS Website is 595399 bytes. Check it out yourself!

PPPS: Now that I can post, I have a few sketches & (Yet another) BIG Gmail Tips compilation (New ones!) coming up very soon, so do subscribe to my blog if you haven’t. :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

Photo: Life keeps getting better!

After a hectic week (and a pleasant weekend), I sat down thinking about the upcoming week. The things to be done, the deadlines to be met...

This weekend was amazing. I spent a day at Palolem beach with my friends and on Sunday I watched the BITSal (Futsal Championship in BITS Pilani, Goa Campus) Semi & Finals (My friend(s) Anuj & JD's Team won! Yoyo!)

One of the thoughts that hasn't left my mind has been of the way something more & more interesting keeps happening. Be it a Kala workshop (Remember the sketches I made for Origami & Caricature Workshops?) or a visit to a beach (Goa \m/). There's so much to this life that you can't just say that you've had enough.

Anyway, here are two pics that I clicked on my way to the Palolem beach:

Don't Stop!

I don't know why, but I really liked this pic. The cycle-wala was driving slowly, in a care free manner. I just got a moment to click him, as we sped past him. He just moved to the side and continued driving slowly...

It's a long way to go...

I've always loved the view you get while you travel in Goa. Unlike Delhi, the roads here are empty (and greener!). I feel like keeping this as my wallpaper :)

Anyway next week is going to be fun... There's Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia's performance and then 3 days of QUARK'09 - Technical fest of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus.

As I said, life keeps getting better!

PS: Expect more pics (Remember 'India Shining?') from now on! Don't forget to subscribe to get instant updates!