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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recent Deviations

Okay it's been a long time. Though apparently I've been doing nothing other than getting bored at home, I still have been busy, well err.. doing nothing.But then, alot of things happened since the last time I posted, so well here are some of the major ones:

[Yes you have to Click them to Show/Hide more info. Talk about spoon feeding! :P]
TalkOfCampus | Euro Update | New Blogger Features

Under the guidance of Harsha Konduri, from the first batch of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus, I'm proud to announce that the TalkOfCampus website is up and running!

Well incase you still are clueless, TalkOfCampus is a web service, launched by Vipashyin. It aims at providing a one-stop shop for college students (and aspirants) by giving them everything they need: The latest College Notices, News Updates on what's happening in and around your campus, a platform to share and build Projects, a playground to enjoy chatting about random topics through Blogs & Forums,and a lot more!

Right now in Alpha Stage, the site is available only to BITS Pilani, Goa Campus. Our Dev team is working very hard to remove any bugs and make visiting the site a much better experience. So needless to say, your suggestions are most welcome!!

*Update: It was an honor to have Dr. Rahul Banerjee, (CS & IS Deptt, BITS Pilani) comment on our project. Thank you Sir!

PS: Click on Euro Update & New Blogging Features above to see more about them!

PPS: Bing finally uploaded his "Yeah Him!" Series!! Go check!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Been a long time since I wanted to write this poem. This one's for you buddy :)


I stood there, watching,
Him fall on the ground,
It all happened in a flash,
Shocking everyone around.

I saw blood ooze out,
His head was now red,
I stood there, silently,
Screaming, inside my head.

He was yelling in pain,
& blaming me constantly,
As he silently stood up,
And walked away, calmly.

He was trying to hit me back,
And kept shouting all this while,
As I walked with him, watching,
Him walk quietly with a smile.

The doctor took him inside,
I could hear him scream,
As I sat in the silent lobby,
Still hoping it was a dream.

He came out, bandaged,
I could see pain in his eyes,
He smiled and glanced at me,
I looked back with surprise.

Till now, I had thought,
He blamed me for this all,
He smiled, said “It’s cool!
After all it’s Football!”

How could he be so calm?
How did he stay this way?
“Still, I’m really sorry”,
Is all that I could say.

PS: Finee!! NO MORE PS!! Be a beeetch! :P

Saturday, June 14, 2008

World of Manga & Anime Expressions!

Since alot of my fellow bloggers have been active this week (Like Bing, Doodie, Pao, Exec, Gooner...) I didn't want to stay behind :)

I have always loved watching cartoons, be it all-time classic Tom & Jerry or digitally rendered Galactik Football, I've been fond of them all. Though I hardly had cable during my school days, I remember making good use of it whenever I got a chance :D

I wasn't much into comics though. First, coz I only got silly ones like Chacha Chaudhary or less famous ones which appeared in random magazines. Second coz these also had boring artwork. But thanks to my friend Thriddas, I found the new world of comics (E-Books though, I miss the feel of paper now..). and then came Anime & Manga!

Fine. Coming to the point, Manga is a typical Japanese style of Comics (They are in different types though). Anime is the animated form of it. Though not many of us differentiate Anime from regular cartoons, shows like DragonBallZ, Pokemon, Shin Chan, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach are some of the popular Anime shows (/Manga).

So for those nerds who still couldn't figure it out after all those wiki links, maybe this'll help:
A Glimpse of the world of Manga & Anime Expressions

Sweat Drop Manga Expression by Rasagy aka RaShStick out tongue Manga Expression by Rasagy aka RaSh
[As usual, hover mouse for info!]
Stress Mark Manga Expression by Rasagy aka RaShSwirly Eyes Manga Expression by Rasagy aka RaSh

Comments Welcome! ;)

PS: I got a treat from my dad on Father's Day. Wohhoo!! \m/

Friday, June 6, 2008

Yoyo Euro!

The Euro 2008 Logo with Trix & Flix by Rasagy Sharma aka RaShEuro 2008 is here!!
For those who were still sleeping, wake up!! This football championship, next only to the World Cup, is being held in Austria & Switzerland from June 7th to June 29th. 16 Teams, 4 Groups. Get ready for some amazing display of soccer!!

Oh & these mascots are called Trix & Flix. Cute eh? :*

Among the teams, Germany, Russia, Spain, Netherlands have qualified for more than 6 times for the Championship. But you never know, Poland & Austria, coming for the first time till this stage, might surprise us all!!

With England not there, there sure is a little disappointment among their fans. Anyway I'm supporting Portugal, though all I want is good football.

Anyway for all the soccer fans out there, here are two important things:
  1. Schedule Sheet: If you are planning to follow every game, then this is a must! An excel sheet, programmed to calculate Group Standings, future game fixtures etc. All you have to do is fill in the score of the match and get the stats!
    Get this here: AceFixtures for Euro 2008!
  2. Online Schedule: If you are the lazy kind, this is for you! A live schedule & stats center with a cool flash design.
    Bookmark this site now:
    PS: Change the settings to get time in IST (GMT+5:30).
Well I'll be away from the internet for a few days. So will be back with updates after a while!!

PS: Which Team are you Supporting? Leave a comment!!

PPS: One more thing: 1000 HITS! Thanks to everyone who visited my blog! :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Thoughts on the movie Bhootnath by Rasagy Sharma aka RaSh
Before I start off, one word: Don't think this is some "Movie Review" or something. I'm not writing about the movie, but instead about one important thing that the movie talked about. But I delayed the post hoping most of you will see it before you read this!

Well the movie is about Banku, a naughty kid, whose family shifts into the "Nath Villa". There he meets the ghost of Kailash Nath, the owner of that villa. The story is about how they change each others' lives.

The reason why Kailash Nath still was a ghost was his attachment with the house. The house where his wife died waiting for their son to come back from US. And the fact that he never forgave his son for that.

Another movie about the growing number of Indians going abroad for studies. And then staying there. Leaving behind, their parents in India.

Be it Baghban, Bhootnath, Swades or other similar Bollywood movies, they all focus on the life of those parents, who live alone in their house, with/without any financial support. But it isn't the financial support that they need. It's the emotional support, the desire to see their son/daughter's face every morning they wake up, to watch their children become adults in front of their eyes. Thats what they wish for, till the time they can wish...

So you may ask," Mr. Idealist, do you think we should give up exciting opportunities abroad just to stay with our parents? If they didn't mind us staying in hostels till our graduation, why would do they mind us staying abroad? Ofcourse we can meet them during holidays!". Well I'm not against going abroad to study. Infact I feel we all should go abroad atleast for a short internship, as it gives you a completely different type of exposure. All I am trying to say is not to settle there. Not to cut yourself from your own roots. Thats it.

In this materialistic world we all are becoming more & more self-centered, hardly caring about others. Be it parking cars in the middle of the road, or smoking in a public place, throwing wrappers/plastic on the road, everyday we come across such examples. Similarly steps like staying abroad actually crush the parents' dream to live their old age together with the kids, and leave the world happily in their arms...

In a short story "What's your dream?", Ruskin Bond gave these lines which I'll never forget:

"Live long, my friend, be wise & strong,
But do not take from any man his song"

Just don't forget that every step you take will not only effect your own life, but also of others around you. So the next time you do something, do think about others!

PS: Check out a post on similar lines on Harsha Konduri Bhaiya's Blog!

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