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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sketch: Origami Workshop by Kala

Kala is the Fine-arts club of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus. A lot of workshops, competitions etc. are held by Kala to promote art in the campus. Apart from the traditional Sketching Workshops & Painting Competitions, Kala also organizes different (& fun!) events like Blind Art & Caricature Workshop.

This Friday, Kala's organizing an Origami Workshop, which is being taken by Akhil Oswal. Even though he's a student of our own college, he has been teaching Origami for a few years and it'll be fun to rediscover our childhood again!

I enjoy sketching notices for such workshops (Last time I made a caricature of Barack Obama for the Caricature Workshop). So here's a part of the notice I made for the Origami Workshop!

Pen Sketch for Origami Workshop

PS: Akhil actually showed us a 1-foot tall Origami Dragon, hence I sketched that too!

So how's the sketch? And have you tried Origami before?

Oh & if you're a BITSian, do pre-register for the workshop. It'll be fun!! ;)


Ramana KV said...

Good sketch.. Reminds of recreational classes back in school where we did this stuff. I think this exact one was on the Origami book cover.

RaSh said...

Hehe.. I sometimes feel such activities should be done regularly in college... You tend to explore a long forgotten side of yours (We also had a clay modelling workshop sometime back. Everyone were playing like kids! :D)

Really looking forward to the Origami Workshop :)

Nishith.....aka stiffler said...

:/ :'( i missed that workshop plzzzzz wapas karao

RaSh said...

There there Nishith...
We'll have more workshops soon.. Origami wali bhi karenge after some time :)

Ancella said...

Hi. Well, firstly, i came across your website in my search on origami clubs/conventions/workships in Goa. It's a pity i wasn't there in Goa to attend the workshop @ Kala Academy. I am from Goa and also enjoy origami as a hobby. I am not all that great at it though, i'd say, at the intermediate level. Is there a club of some sorts in Goa for origami, dya know by any chance?

RaSh said...

Hey Ancella!

This Origami workshop was organized in our college, BITS Pilani Goa Campus by the students. I'm not aware of any club particularly for Origami, but I'm sure you can find out about it in Kala Academy.

If you need any more info, just drop me a mail (View Profile)/leave a comment here.

PS: Coincidently, our Fine Arts club is also called "Kala" :)

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