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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Caricature: Barack Obama!

Note: Yoy! My blog just crossed 8,000 hits!! Thanks to everyone who's been checking it regularly!

On Saturday (15th November), I organized a Caricature Workshop in our campus (On behalf of Kala, the Fine-arts club of our campus). Caricatures are different from sketches as they tend to exaggerate some particular part of the sketch/figure. Mr. Naguesh Sardesai, popular Cartoonist & Caricature artist, helped us understand the basics of Caricature & Cartoons.

Here's a caricature I made for the notice (My first Caricature :D). The concept was (shamelessly :|) taken from Jit's amazing blog. So if you like this caricature, I'm sure you'll love his work!!

Caricature of Barack Obama made by Rasagy Sharma aka RaSh
So here's Barack Obama for you!

Liked the sketch? Any comments? Would love to hear from you!

PS: Check out my other sketches here!


JD said...

Said it before, will say it again, one of your BEST works

* Bows *

Now atleast put my blog on your blogroll :P

RaSh said...

Thanks :)

Ah and I guess I forgot to add loads of Blogs in my blog roll after I last changed it. Thanks for reminding :D

Sameer said...

do you leave anything me to say??

raghav said...

awesome sketch!

RaSh said...

@Sameer: lol
You could've said.. err.. umm.. well.. you know.. stuff.. :D
PS: This reply was inspired by this comic. ;)

@Raghav: Hey!
Nice to see you here! Do subscribe to my feed :)

Swagat said...

very good and apt.

keep up the good work!!
hats off to you.

RaSh said...

Thnx for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

nice caricature there.... keet it up man!

RaSh said...

Thanks alot Srajan! ;)

Ansh said...

dude ... your caricature is very good ... its not shameless to be inspired :P :D... and ya .. thanks for sharing the link for Jits amazing blog .. that was really great ... i got inspired tooo :))

RaSh said...

Hey Ansh! Thanks alot for your comments!

And from now on, I shall keep giving some nice artist's blog once a while, so make sure you subscribe to my blog to stay updated! :)

Ajay Sathe said...

You've got talent! way to go!!

RaSh said...

Wow.. great to see your comment!!
Thnx alot! :)

Anonymous said...

Simply superb..!! I am inspired by your talent!

RaSh said...

Thnx alot Kalyani!
And yes, don't forget to subscribe to my blog! ;)

The Keeper of the Keys said...

LOL, your sketches are awesome!!

RaSh said...

Thnx! =)

avinashsonee said...

The best caricature of urs for sure :) omg i'm impressed !!

RaSh said...

Hey thnx!!

I hope my new work will be as impressive :)

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