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Monday, February 23, 2009

Sketch: Meet the Kala members - WAVES Prelude

Good news: Net's improved a lot in the past one week (compared to the day I last posted about the pathetic Internet, the net speeds have nearly doubled!). Anyway I thought maybe I should post about the other side of my campus too! Since everyone's busy working for WAVES (You don't know WAVES? Read on!), here's a sketch from my side as a "Prelude to Waves" :D

Kala, the fine-arts club of BITS Pilani Goa Campus, organizes events that aim to help others learn art, and mainly have fun while they do so (Check the sketches I made for Origami & Caricature workshop Notices!). This sem, we've increased our strength (Unlike all other clubs, Kala was an open club till now, ie. it comprised of only 6-7 core members who organized events open for all). 

Anyway this isn't meant to be a intro post to Kala. So coming straight to the point, here's a sketch/caricature collection I did of all the Kala members
Coordinator: Shipra; Sub Coordi: Soumya 
Core Committee: Nikhil, Sakshi, Aishwarya, Rasagy (Me! me!), Deepika 
New members: Divesh, Sutirth, Akhil, Madhu, Srishti, Suchismita, Yash, Kaushal

Special thanks to my friend Bing (Also known as Abhijeet :P), who let me play with his tablet for this weekend. He's been doing some kickass artwork (Check his blog!), so I just had to do something too! :D

Not to forget, we've WAVES Summer 2009, Cultural Fest of BITS Pilani Goa Campus, coming up this March. Everyone's busy trying to make the fest a big hit, and I'm sure it's going to be awesome this time (too)! Head on to the website to know about the events, special nites and more! :)

Sadly, being a part of the Controls & Event Management for Waves, I won't get a chance to take part. But then organizing the fest is a thrilling experience too! :)

Anyway how was the sketch? Any comment/suggestions on how to improve? Do let me know by leaving a comment!! :)

PS: Check out my other sketches here!


Arjun said...

awesome sketch :)

Manashree said...

cool sketch...
n ya the blogs good tooo

RaSh said...

Thanks a lot Arjun & Manashree! I'm glad you liked it! :)

Do check my other sketches and don't forget to subscribe to the blog for instant updates! :D

Darwinci said...

simply beautiful!

RG said...

Nice sketch. Good to hear that you net's improved.

By the way, I'll be releasing a new theme for my blog soon. I think you'll like this's my favorite.

RaSh said...

@Darwin: Thanks! =)

@RG: Yea read your post about it. Shout (in the Shoutbox) just wen u're done with the new template! :)

Utkarsh Sinha said...

nice sketch! random idea: why not make a waves logo sketch... I think that could be used somehow... probably..

and btw, I put up a link to ur blog :)

RaSh said...

@Utkarsh: Heh.. I guess I could use that for the Kala stall! :)

Oh & thanks for reminding.. It's high time I update my Blog roll :)

miloni said...

visiting ur blog after ages....loved the sketch..really well done...also loved the other new posts..keep it going!!!

RaSh said...

Milooo! :D

Thanks for the comment. Didn't know you also drop by on my blog! ;)

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