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Monday, January 26, 2009

Photo: India's Shining...

Happy Republic Day!!

Thanks to Angad Singh Gill, one of my seniors, I've started clicking photos in my free time! He's been teaching me some new tricks & I'm trying to make the best use of my Digicam (Finally convinced my parents to get it to campus!).

Here's a pic I took today evening. Taken using a simple Sony DSC-W35 at 5MP & cropped using Picasa (No editing done otherwise) :)

How's it?? Any suggestions on different styles I could try & click (For example, I'm trying out Smoke Photography inspired by Smashing Mag!)

Oh & yes, Happy Republic Day again!


divesh said...

hey this pic has come really well..nice to see that more and more ppl are getting into the art of clicking.
I have been clicking some pics too since last sem, you can have a look at them on my blog under the title, focused shells and deforestation.

RaSh said...

Aha! More pics for inspiration! :)
Small but really nice collection of pics Divesh! ;)

I'll post a few more pics from time to time. Don't want a long break from now on! ;)

Prateek said...

Nice capture.

My advice would be to shoot a LOT (what might look decent on the camera's tiny screen might not be so full-size) and keep experimenting.

RaSh said...

@Prateek: Thanks! I'll try & click as many pics I can. I'm just looking around for some inspiration and ideas :D

If you find some nice flickr stream/devianArt gallery, let me know ;)

Sameer said...


Ramana KV said...

Nice pic.. If this is just the beginning, am sure you can do wonders.. :)

Abhijeet said...

nice pic!!!

RaSh said...

@Sameer: Dhanyavaad! ;)

@Ramana: I'm happy you liked it. Hopefully there'll be better ones being clicked soon!

@Bing: :) :)

Akash said...

Nice pic! Yup, shoot a LOT and experiment a LOT. You'd click even more amazing shots!

Well, here are some works of photography, you might like: (Both are BITSians @ Pilani)

2. (His Pics are my favourite) (Let the fullstop be there after the link)

For me the best pic of 2 (Aditya) is:

RaSh said...

@Akash: Thanks a lot for the links!!
I hate that my campus net makes me wait for hours (literally!) for such galleries to load, but wasn't I amazed when I saw the pics!

Aditya's Pics are just amazing! Here are a few more I liked from his gallery (Ofcourse, as Akash mentioned, this one's the best!):
Melbourne Skyline Dreamy
Break on through to the other side

Any other nice Photos you come across? Let me know!!

Deepika said...

Nice pic dude.... i guess this is just a beginning to an all new field!! - Deepika

RaSh said...

Hey Deepika! Thanks for dropping by!

I'll post a few more pics in a while ;)

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