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Friday, February 27, 2009

Photo: Let there be light!

I was thinking of writing something philosophical about "Light" and moods and emotions, but I guess I should instead study for my test! :D

So here are 2 pics I wanted to share:

Another variation to the 2nd one! (Spot the difference :P)

Somehow, I've become obsessed with the sun, and it seems to reflect a lot in my pics (Remember the Republic Day Flag's pic?). These 2 pics are of my campus street lights, with the sun in the background (Not hard to figure that out eh?) Took me a couple of days to decide at which time I should click the first one :D

So how's it? Any suggestions on how to play with Sun in pics? (I'm already done with eating it or blasting it like they do in DragonBallZ) :P

Comments welcome!

PS: Sorry for the delay for the upcoming GMail post. Will complete the draft after my test! Don't forget to subscribe! :)


Lahiri said...

Hi this is totally my personal opinion , you can differ- First photo shot time was acurate. You should have placed the tip of the lamp just touching the circle, otherwise the background circle is uneven. Excellent effect has came on the light - it's all curvature got illuminated. Second photo you should have taken after 15minutes . The placement of the bulb portion of the street light should have been in the centre of the globe. In my view in this type of concept u should give the proper stress on the graphics part. For the concept 95/100, for the photo 50/100.

Best of Luck


RaSh said...

Thanks a lot for the suggestions uncle! :)

I clicked some 3 shots for the first one, weirdly all 3 of them have these light strokes at a slight angle. I'll try clicking it again someday! :D

About the 2nd one, I guess you'll like this one better then. It lacks the typical sunlight effect (and less clouds :D), so I didn't post it before. How's this? :)

Any more ideas for pics with Sun? Do lemme know!

Gunner Galactico said...

They blast the freakin' MOON in dbz!!!

RaSh said...

@Gooner: Heh. I meant using the Sun to give a power ball effect next to your hands (dunno wat to call it) like they show in DragonBallZ. :P

And thanks for reminding. Need to start watching anime again! :D

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