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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sketch: Tired

"And so he sat down, tired,
Still lost in that thought,
Of what he won in this war,
And what all, he had lost."

If you've been seeing my sketches for a while, you must've figured the difference in the style. I made it using a Pen Tablet!! :D

Yup, I got my hands on one of my dream tools (though only for some time) - an iBall Pen Tablet that can be attached to my laptop. Thanks alot to Sai for lending it to me for a day (It's exam time, so he wasn't using it :D)

Oh and for those who are wondering why the theme is similar to one of my old sketch, well the "inspiration" is the same :|

PS: Idea taken from someone's deviantArt Gallery. Campus net won't let me open deviantArt, so well, thanks whoever you are! ;)

Comments welcome!

PPS: Check out all my sketches here!


divesh said...

nice sketch..
keep going.

can I have a look at ur (or sai's) pen tablet.?

sormita said...

Hi,i likd ur sketch on d pen-tablet-hope to gt 1 for myself in d near future.M new to blogging,so cn u just peek in my blog.

RaSh said...

It's now with Sai (2nd year, CS + DePP Designer). Just drop by his room whenever you want :)

Glad to see you here! Pen tablets are pretty cheap and trust me they are way better than what you can dream of! :D

Oh & really nice blog too :)

Sameer said...

nice drawings....

you draw with the anime theme only?the devian art only?

ok..i am a dumbo in this better put some light on whats the difference between devian art,anime,etc.etc...huh?

RaSh said...

Thnx Sameer!

Basically, there are different styles of art. Like sketching still-life, landscape, portraits etc. In sketching cartoons (& caricatures), there's this particular style which is present in "Manga" (Japanese Comics). Based on Manga, most of the "Anime" is made (or vice-a-versa). Have a look at my post on Manga/Anime Expressions to have a better idea! I love this style, hence sketch it often.

Now deviantArt is a huge site where people can share their artwork (and pics & themes...) It has amazing gallery of pics, which I use for inspiration :)

NakZ said...

Its Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

RaSh said...

Thanks a lot Nakul :)

Do subscribe to my feed to stay updated with my latest artwork!

CVK said...

Nice one... :) Keep it up

RaSh said...

Thnx alot bhaiya! Great to see you here! :)

Surabhi said...


Your sketches have a clean, finished look to them. Thumbs up on your site!

- Surabhi

RaSh said...

Hey Surabhi long time! Nice to see you here. :)

Thanks for your comments!

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