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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sketch - Failure

For some, it marks the end of their journey.
For some, it marks the start of a new one.

Sketch - Failure

Sketch depicting Failure by Rasagy Sharma aka RaSh!
Hav u ever known the right path,
but still walked the wrong way?
Hav u been mocked, laughed at, scolded,
& "I'm Sorry" is all you could say?

- RaSh


nishith said...

well i dont knw y u hav made dis but it doesnt matter u failed or passed?? but wat u do matters...... jyada ho toh listen d song 'in d end' by linkin park. :)

Harsha Vardhan M.V said...

hey!awesome sketches!
nice write up too

RaSh said...

@Nishith: Can't believe u wrote that!! :P
Yeah what you do is what matters... But sometimes its the result which is seen not the hardwork put in...
But then Life isn't Fair anyway :D
Thnx!! *bows down*

himanshu said...

sexxyy sketches rashagy!!! no wonder u r getting an A in EG ... phoduu \m/ .. and the IIT write-up is awesome too.. keep it up!!

RaSh said...

Thnx! Keep visiting the blog for more sketches!

PS: Makhan achha marta hai tu :P

Mustang said...

Dude, why the intense feeling of not having achieved anything? Weren't you telling me today that it wasn't your marks in ur subjects that mattered, but the fact that you'd actually gone a step further in doing what you actually wanna end up doing. Why regret it now?

RaSh said...

Well I'm still not sure about the answer for "What I should do? What others say is correct or what I think is correct". Had I been all alone, I would have done the latter. But our life directly affect others, so we have to think about what others think is right too... So well I'm still confused! (As usual)

See I feel bad because sometimes I realize that I could have easily done better to make others feel better.

But then you can't always do everything you want to! :(

PS: The author is not in Severe depression or lost while looking for "The Truth". Its just one of the many random thoughts he thinks about while others complain about bad mess food... (And well, ultimately they say he doesn't eat fast enough!)

Abhi said...

awesome sketches!!....ur 1 talented guy i tell ya!
ur posts for some wierd reason remind me of school.....!
as for the iit writeup..muahahaha
we were pretty much in the same nervous state when we took it last year.....nice post!

remove word verification!
this way if no1 comments u'll atleast have spammer 2 fill up for 'em ;)

RaSh said...

Thnx for the comment! Yeah some random comments are better than no comment... :D
Will remove the Word Verification.. (Even i find it bugging at times!)

Keep reading my blog! :)

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