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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sketch: Happy New Year + Contest!

Here's the official post wishing you a 
Happy New Year!!

PS: Like the sketch/caricature? Read on to know how to get one for you! :D

2008 was a great year, but I'm guessing you've already seen/read a lot about "10 Best blah blah of 2008". (Or what to do this holiday @ Google Blog :D) And everyone's busy sending greeting messages (& I'm in a hurry too!), so I'll keep this short. 

I wanted to do something for my blog readers, so I thought of having a small contest (Inspired by some popular Design Blogs!). But since I can't offer much, I decided to make use of the pen tablet I have for a few days and make a sketch/caricature (or whatever you like to call it :D) of   4  5 of my Blog Readers! (Like the one above!) All you have to do, is a leave a comment, about "Your 5 Goals for 2009".

The  4  5 lucky people will be decided as following:
  • The First two people who leave a comment on this post.
  • Two Three people selected at random (Yes i'll draw lots) from the rest of the people who comment.
Every person is counted only once :P and please leave a comment using your Gmail id so I can contact you for a reference pic (Or leave your email id.. though I prefer the former).

So well, the rules are simple. Leave a comment about "Your goals for 2009" before 6:00 PM, 2nd January 2009 3:00 PM, 4th January 2009 (Indian Standard Time) and you'll have a chance to get a nice (I'll try my best :D) sketch/caricature :)

And well, here are my 5 goals for 2009:
  1. Have a great time during Quark (Tech Fest) & Waves (Cultural Fest) at BITS Pilani, Goa Campus.
  2. Try and learn Designing (hopefully get the Creative Multimedia Course).
  3. Explore Silverlight (Heard it?) & C#.
  4. Sketch regularly (Once a week).
  5. Manage decent grades (Now that's a tough one!)
Tell me your 5 goals for 2009, and get a chance to have your own sketch as a New year gift! :D

Oh & don't forget to subscribe to my blog to recieve instant updates of my posts (I'll announce the results in the next post!)

PS: This is my first try at having a contest. If it goes well, I'll try and take out more time for such contests! :)

PPS: Oh & if you like the idea of the contest, let your own blog readers also know about this contest by linking to this post! ;)

Update: I'm leaving for Goa, so I decided to shift the deadline a little further (and as pointed in the comments, now I'll make 5 sketches). I felt like making the best use of the tablet till I have it :D


Darwinci said...

Great sketch buddy!!![:)]
Wish you a happy new year too!!![:)]
And here are my 5 goals for 2009.....

1. Blog regularly
2. Get an MBA admit from a top college
3. To shift from the single,ready to mingle status
4. To gym regularly
5. To fulfill atleast 2 on the 4 I mentioned above


Ankit Agarwal said...

hey cool.. m d second one..

Happy new year rasagy firstly and to all ppl reading.

my goals:

1. hmm.. get a DR 1.
2. take up some really cool project or design something really innovative (atleast try if nt exactly design)
3. the third is pretty much the same as the third given in the prev comment.
4. to try my hands on martial arts.. (:p)and yeah also attend as many nightclub parties as possible (ofcourse till i get sick of em)
5. and finally feel satisfied with what i do.

avinashsonee said...

Hey I am just a few mins late :( he he
well i still hope i would find place in the final selected ones :) if not plz increase the no. to 5 n include me :P (5 matches the no. of goals too :P) well Happy New year to all !!

anyways nice contest.

ok my 5 goals will be :
1) Get a HDD> 1 TB.
2) Get a GF :P
3) Start a startup - preferably web.
4) Get all B's in the last sem - i will be really happy if i get this done :)
5) Cover almost every place in Goa - pubs, forts, beaches everything with my friends b4 leaving for PS !!

well b4 everything i would like myself and everyone around me to be Happy. Live n let Live.

shalinilahiri said...

I'm late! :(

Hope you're gonna have a great new year too!

My goals for 2009:

1. Have a great time during Quark, Waves and Spree and hope they become bigger than ever before.
2. Update my blog regularly (
3. Talk to my foreign friends a lot more
4. Study well and get good grades (which looks nigh impossible)
5. Fall in love (hehe:P)

Nitish said...

First of all a Happy new year to all

My 5 goals for 2K9

1] Accomplish all my electronics projects
2] Manage time and balance work and academics.
3] Start to Socialize.
4] Make QUARK and WAVES bigger and enjoy SPREE to the fullest.
5] Not to dissatisfy or fall short of expectations of anyone including myself. :D

P.S. : These contests already lookk like working :D

HitesH said...

happy new year to all

i think i missed my chance.
neways my goals

#enjoy quark and waves to full
#get a grip over designing website
#stand upto my parents expectations
#to concentrate on studies
#try being a better personality


The Keeper of the Keys said...

Haha, nice way to increase your comment count!! OK, I'll participate :P Happy New Year!! Nice sketch, I hope I get lucky!!
And you're in luck, I usually avoid new year resolutions like the plague, but I spontaneously decided at 2 AM to make some resolutions this year.
1) Be nicer to people. And I mean nicer.
2) Be more whats-the-word-prudent? with money.
3) Start taking responsibility. Act responsibly (with the aim of eventually being able to convince parents to let me have the car)
4) Be more creative (I mean this)
5) Convince parents to let me keep a pet.
*Sigh* Got a lot of sweet-talking to do this year.
:P Best of luck with your goals/grade/silverlight(yes, I've heard of it) and contest!

RaSh said...

@Darwin & Ankit: Congrats! :D

@Everyone else: Don't forger to subscribe to make sure you don't miss the next posts! ;)

Abhijeet said...

1) Not break my shiny new tablet
2) Work on my shiny new tablet
3) Keep my shiny new tablet clean
4) Keep off Monginis and spend more time on my shiny new tablet
5) Get better grades and get better at using my...that's right, my shiny new tablet

:D guess who just dipped into his savings for an i-ball 8x6 :D

Oh, and happy new year

RaSh said...


*Runs around screaming*

Ah well nice nice. Now I see your Designing career shining! ;)

PS: Don't forget to meet me before you leave for vacations.. Oh & ofcourse, get your tablet (& forget it) :P :D

RaSh said...

@Darwin Bhaiya:
New blog to read! :)
Oh & keep us updated on the 3rd point! :P

Martial Arts eh?? I wonder why I think it's related to the rest of the point (Attend nightclub parties) :P

@Avinash Bhaiya:
Startup? *Rolling Eyes*
Keep us updated on that!! :)
All the best!

PS: Oh & tell us some great place you find in Goa!

Another Blog! Yours must be having some nice stuff to read :)

Socialize. *Sigh*. Something a lot of us should learn.


Seems like you're already getting a grip on Web Design! Hope to see a great blog design soon!

@Ridhi aka Keeper of Keys:
lol. If this can work on other blogs, this sure can work here!

Pet eh? Awww :P
I'll be waiting for another series of pics of your pet! ;)

Huh. Must I say more?
*Cries about not having a tablet*

Anonymous said...

Nice Sketch Rash !!!!!!!!!

avinashsonee said...

Its 6 past 6 :P

shalinilahiri said...


Add me to your blogroll plij. Pleeeeeeeej.


You are awesomely evil! :P What a great way to make Rash jealous...*snicker*

Prateek said...

hey thats not fair bro.......i was informed caricature...........i guess now i will have to wait for the draw.........

5 goals-
1)draw better
2)draw still better
3)draw still better
4)draw still better
5)draw still better.....

RaSh said...

@Ax: Hey long time!
Great to see you here on the blog! :)

@Avinash: Seems like you're too eager :P
Oh btw I've increased the number of sketches to 5 (And shifted the time too) :)

@Shalini: Just gimme a little time. I'll be sorting my Blog roll soon. ;)

RaSh said...

@Prateek: Don't worry I've increased the time. So I'll still count you in the draw ;)

PS: 5 Goals? That's cheating!! :P :P

Chetan TG said...

1)i stopped making new yr resolutions
2)i stopped making new yr resolutions
3)i stopped making new yr resolutions
4)i stopped making new yr resolutions
5)i stopped making new yr resolutions frm this yr :P

Ramana KV said...

Hi Rash, Thanks for the wishes.. I wish you a wonderful new year.. Have great time.. Enjoy your days at BITS.. Those are the best days..

Nice sketch man..

RaSh said...

Thanks a lot for your wishes!

And don't worry, I'm making the best out of every moment I spend in BITS.. These sure ARE the best days!

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