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Saturday, June 14, 2008

World of Manga & Anime Expressions!

Since alot of my fellow bloggers have been active this week (Like Bing, Doodie, Pao, Exec, Gooner...) I didn't want to stay behind :)

I have always loved watching cartoons, be it all-time classic Tom & Jerry or digitally rendered Galactik Football, I've been fond of them all. Though I hardly had cable during my school days, I remember making good use of it whenever I got a chance :D

I wasn't much into comics though. First, coz I only got silly ones like Chacha Chaudhary or less famous ones which appeared in random magazines. Second coz these also had boring artwork. But thanks to my friend Thriddas, I found the new world of comics (E-Books though, I miss the feel of paper now..). and then came Anime & Manga!

Fine. Coming to the point, Manga is a typical Japanese style of Comics (They are in different types though). Anime is the animated form of it. Though not many of us differentiate Anime from regular cartoons, shows like DragonBallZ, Pokemon, Shin Chan, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach are some of the popular Anime shows (/Manga).

So for those nerds who still couldn't figure it out after all those wiki links, maybe this'll help:
A Glimpse of the world of Manga & Anime Expressions

Sweat Drop Manga Expression by Rasagy aka RaShStick out tongue Manga Expression by Rasagy aka RaSh
[As usual, hover mouse for info!]
Stress Mark Manga Expression by Rasagy aka RaShSwirly Eyes Manga Expression by Rasagy aka RaSh

Comments Welcome! ;)

PS: I got a treat from my dad on Father's Day. Wohhoo!! \m/


shalinilahiri said...

Haha, I can see you'll make a good mangaka (a manga artist). Bleach is pure love for me, and I've watched too much anime to be sane...LOL.

Try, it has the latest manga, plus you can have a look at the styles of different artists.

RaSh said...

If only I had unlimited internet :( :(
I downloaded a couple of mangas from DC before coming home, Bleach being one of them. Oh n I simply loved the story.

Been reading a few tutorials from
Really nice stuff!

shalinilahiri said...

Deviant Art has really some of the most beautiful art ever. Check out art by Jade_T, she does some beautiful doujinshi (manga brought out by fans of their own accord).

You should have liked Bleach, because it is meant for guys. My latest craze is Vampire Knight!

RaSh said...

@shalini: Will check his gallery.
Tell me all the good manga you've read till now. Will see kiska artwork mujhe pasand ata hai. Then will download a few chapters ;)

Keep commenting!

RG said...

katgirlkari on DeviantArt is good.

Bleach is awesome, but the anime is doing some weird arc of its own which sucks.

shuchi said...

i love tom n jerry too n i too was a doordarshanvalli!!!!!!!!
n nice sketches

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