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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Looking Ahead - Help me out!!

Finally, I've crossed 10,000 blog hits! So thanks a lot to each and everyone who has been visiting my blog!

Started in April'08, this blog was a playground for me to revise (& improve) my Web designing skills. But seems like that took a back seat, and the Digit Article has motivated me to start writing more tech-articles. Hence the few Product reviews & GMail Tips. I'm happy I haven't stopped sketching though, something I still enjoy doing.

You might be wondering why I'm so much into Blogging, so what's better than quoting straight from ProBlogger!

"The experience of starting a blog and watching yourself progress is something money cannot buy... So never forget, that the journey of becoming a blogger is more important than the end product!"

Have a glance at Justin Wright's (full-time blogger and internet marketer) full post on the 5 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Blogging! 

Anyway now that I'm less busy, I'm planning to work on my blog. And here's where your role comes!

Help me out! Tell me what you've liked/hated about this blog, things you never looked at (Like the Technorati link on the left side :P). Posts that you've not cared to read, or posts that you've checked again & again...

I already plan to implement some changes, like:

  • Improving Feeds, using Feedburner (For those lazy guys who don't won't open the blog regularly!)

  • Getting a more personalized theme (The green curved boxes don't really match with the content, right?)

  • A Navbar, easier way to navigate through the blog (So that you don't go: 'Umm now what?')

What else? Any sort of criticism is most welcome! Whether it's your first visit to this blog, or the 100th visit, I would love to hear your views/suggestions.

Go ahead! Shoot!



Twishmay said...

Change the green color :-p

RaSh said...

Any suggestions?? :P :D

Twishmay said...

Did u get 1000 hits in 5 days ??? !!!

RaSh said...

The last post (11 Gmail Tips you'll love!)has a couple of links (long list of tips, hence references!). So I'm enjoying the Trackback juice :D

Varun Nagwekar said...

Hi, I checked out your blog. It really is nice.
But you could try increasing your posts frequency and maybe changing the green template color to may be black or semi-grey or something. (I personally feel green is not sexy) But this template sure is easy to to the eyes.
You could also remove the blogger bar above your template. You can find articles for that on the net.
And yeah, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

RaSh said...

Hey Varun! Thanks for the suggestions!

This green theme was actually a tribute to an old Group blog I had during my school days. But yes, I'm planning to revamp it to suit my content (It'll take a while!)

I had ignored the blogger bar! Thanks for reminding about that! :D

About posts, I stay a bit too busy with College (Extra-curriculars :D). But I'll try and post regularly (Once a week atleast!)

Again, thnx for the comments!

Kunal Bhalla said...

Change the theme; try wordpress - install it on your own website (which you can find for free / buy from somewhere).

RaSh said...

I gave wordpress a try, but I dunno if shifting to a new domain & platform is a good idea.

Maybe, if Blogger runs out of ideas, i'll switch to WP for better functionality.

Till then, I'm happy with Blogger :)

Maestro said...

Shifting to wordpress is a better idea as ur blog becomes more search engine friendly!!

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Yeah, the template could change, but since you're keeping the green in memory of that class 11 blog, maybe you could just keep a "touch" of green.
And maybe remove the unnecessary links et al, though i can't say exactly what either..
Anyway, keep up the good work!!

RaSh said...

@Maestro: That's something I didn't knew! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check out WP again! :)

@Nidhi: humm.. Remove Links eh?
There aren't so many there right? :D

Anonymous said...

Nice feat there.. waise even mine blog is doing decently considering its only a month or so old and has got around nearly 3000 views!

RaSh said...

Seems like Digg is helping you a lot eh!

KAILASH said...

i hv no words to express about ur site. its superb.
u told me to tell i wud like to do in 2005.
i m currently pursuing 3rd yr in pkace, bargarh,orissa. in our colez no mechanical campus is there. 1)i will try for a gud job from now-onwards
2) going to join part time job in a core company
3) have to do design for my new project
4)prepare for cat
5)manage time for my girl friend.

RaSh said...

Thanks for dropping by Kailash!

Do subscribe to the blog for the next post announcing the winners! :)

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