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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sketch: Goodbye seniors!

Another sem passed, and what followed was something I always hate doing - Saying Good bye. Half of the 4th year batch, said good bye to the campus, and will be now heading for PS (PS=Practise School, ie. Internship).

This batch has been the most talented one till now, responsible for starting nearly every big club/deptt (and making other things BIG!) I got a chance to work with some of the best people I've ever met, and they'll always continue to inspire me.

Anyway switching from the "senti" mood, here's a sketch of the two seniors I'll miss the most, Vandith Bhaiya & Manasa Di. (I had to settle for a digital version after ruining a pen sketch :X) Both were members of the Waves Organizing Committee, and have taught me much more than just organizing a fest.

A few other seniors who are leaving are Piyush (Waves), Abhinav Lakhotia (Waves), Upneet (Drama), Parsani aka Chief (Spons) and Aditya Rao (Spons).
A formal Farewell was given last year to the whole batch (And I wrote about a few of them in my Farewell post), and now they'll be off to different parts of India (And abroad) for their PS.

Best of luck to all of you! Will miss you!


divesh said...

nice sketch...vandith has has lost weight in ur sketch.

RaSh said...

I guess I faded the sketch at just the right moment :P :D

fiddlesticks said...

Aww!! You'll be happy knowing I don't wanna say thanks in kind, terrible artist that I am! Nice one there, although vandith wins the likeness race hands down :D Cheers, tc!

RaSh said...

In the first draft, you actually looked like some 40+ aunty :P I guess I messed up your hair and size of face.. :'(

Anyway hope to see you during Waves.. :)

Abhijeet said...

sketch eh? ;)
i'm not falling for it :P

RaSh said...

@Bing: Read - "Digital version" :P :P

Dude you gotta get your hands on a tablet. Seriously. It's Metaaaal :D

Abhijeet said...

chuttiyo mein kaha se mili? bought one kya?

RaSh said...

Nah. Sai left his in my room :D

Have been busy till now. But will be making the best use out of it very soon ;)

Abhijeet said...

kameeeena saaalaaaaa...why do i never get someone to leave a tablet in MY room? or an xbox!

RaSh said...

xbox? Did i hear xbox? who has a xbox? i want a xbox!

If I had an xbox, i would've stopped studying and started working full time on xna game studio. *Sigh*

RaSh said...

PSsst: I dunno why, but I got confused between a xbox and an xbox. Weird me. :X

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