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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Thoughts on the movie Bhootnath by Rasagy Sharma aka RaSh
Before I start off, one word: Don't think this is some "Movie Review" or something. I'm not writing about the movie, but instead about one important thing that the movie talked about. But I delayed the post hoping most of you will see it before you read this!

Well the movie is about Banku, a naughty kid, whose family shifts into the "Nath Villa". There he meets the ghost of Kailash Nath, the owner of that villa. The story is about how they change each others' lives.

The reason why Kailash Nath still was a ghost was his attachment with the house. The house where his wife died waiting for their son to come back from US. And the fact that he never forgave his son for that.

Another movie about the growing number of Indians going abroad for studies. And then staying there. Leaving behind, their parents in India.

Be it Baghban, Bhootnath, Swades or other similar Bollywood movies, they all focus on the life of those parents, who live alone in their house, with/without any financial support. But it isn't the financial support that they need. It's the emotional support, the desire to see their son/daughter's face every morning they wake up, to watch their children become adults in front of their eyes. Thats what they wish for, till the time they can wish...

So you may ask," Mr. Idealist, do you think we should give up exciting opportunities abroad just to stay with our parents? If they didn't mind us staying in hostels till our graduation, why would do they mind us staying abroad? Ofcourse we can meet them during holidays!". Well I'm not against going abroad to study. Infact I feel we all should go abroad atleast for a short internship, as it gives you a completely different type of exposure. All I am trying to say is not to settle there. Not to cut yourself from your own roots. Thats it.

In this materialistic world we all are becoming more & more self-centered, hardly caring about others. Be it parking cars in the middle of the road, or smoking in a public place, throwing wrappers/plastic on the road, everyday we come across such examples. Similarly steps like staying abroad actually crush the parents' dream to live their old age together with the kids, and leave the world happily in their arms...

In a short story "What's your dream?", Ruskin Bond gave these lines which I'll never forget:

"Live long, my friend, be wise & strong,
But do not take from any man his song"

Just don't forget that every step you take will not only effect your own life, but also of others around you. So the next time you do something, do think about others!

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Harsha Konduri said...

Awesome!!! dude - I did write about something very close to this - have a look at

Gunner Galactico said...

Good post. the basic problem is,well,its a lot easier to settle abroad what with the fatter paychecks,and the higher standard of living.It sucks,i know,but loads of these people also settle abroad because they also have a family to worry about,and unfortunately, between the parents and the wife...its always been a losing battle for the parents

RaSh said...

Yeah I guess.. Well I think its thanks to the growing trend of nuclear families.. So now the question is Wife (& Kids) vs Parents instead of Wife (& Kids) vs Relatives. With time, our attachments with our relatives is fading (Also thanks to comments like, "Nahi beta Uske saath mat khelo! Woh to middle class ke hai!"

Its just that later in life, we may find how worthless it was to run behind money. Above a certain value (which has to be decided by you), more money is of no use. But then that's what I think!

Anyway thnx Harsha bhaiya & Red Eye for comments!

Mustang said...

Just one thing (I would like to stay neutral on this topic otherwise). The 'materialistic' people you described in Para 7 (those of the middle-of-the-road parking fame), do you really believe that these are the people who aspire (consciously) to settle abroad? Or the people who're sick and tired of watching this happen?

RaSh said...

Damn u stupid Blogger!!

Anyway the car parking guys AND the ones who leave their parents alone are the same type: Self centered, Inconsiderate of others' problems...

That parking one was just an example to show the type.. And also coz i was angry at the guy who parked the car right in front of our gate :D

Anonymous said...

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Friendoglobin++ said...

true...just saw this post thru Rayus(Aman)
I agree wid the suggestions n solutnz.Life is becomin lifeless coz o such selfish attitude.

Harsha Vardhan M.V said...

very very nice post!one of the best posts i have read!

RaSh said...

@Harsha: Thnx buddy!
Do subscribe to my feed. Read the post on Google Reader incase you aren't using it yet ;)

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