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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Manchester United are European CHAMPIONS!

Manchester United Logo by Rasagy aka Rash
UEFA Champions League Logo by Rasagy aka Rash
Chelsea Logo by Rasagy aka Rash

For some weird reason, I completely forgot about today, 21st May '08. Tonight was the UEFA Champions League Final (Or European Champions Cup Final, call it watever u like), one of the most awaited match this season, Manchester United vs Chelsea.

A news ticker on a random newschannel reminded me of the match. I was unsure about the time, though nearly all Champions League matches started at 0015 AM [IST]. So just to make sure I don't miss the match, I was watching TV from 10 PM :)

Here are some of the Key moments of the Game:
[Click Here to view details!]

00: The Start
22: The Scar
26: The Moment
33: The Scare
34: Is it? Is it? Ohh close..
42: Cutting pass and... just past the goal...
45: Back to square one
77: Thanks Woodwork!
87: "759"
90: Full time already?
03 (ET): One Touch, Swivel, Woodwork
10 (ET): Go die Terry!
25 (ET): Shame Shame!
Penalties Time!


Manchester United - European Champions!! Pic by Rasagy aka Rash
As the rain poured in Moscow, tears mixed with the raindrops. Some of joy, some of sorrow. A wonderful game, with a breathtaking result. Be it Anderson dancing as if he's drunk, or Terry trying to hide his tears, this was one of the best match this season for sure!! So staying awake till 3 was afterall worth it!!

So Thats me, Rasagy Sharma, aka RaSh signing off!


Football Transfer said...

Although the players felt tired but they were still going after the ball to win the match.

RaSh said...

Very true, players were tired. There was a talk about the pitch conditions, and by the end of the second half few players were facing problems with cramps etc..

But then they pulled off the match well, never letting the excitement die out!

PS: Do see the Penalties Details I made. Dunno why there's a huge gap before the table though :(

anuj said...

*singing again*
We are the champions...we are the champions
PS:chelsea goal shot taken by essien
PPS:they can only score thru a deflection....lampard was born deflected..:P

RaSh said...

lampard was born deflected..:P

Anonymous said...

Viva Ronaldo
Viva Ronaldo
Running down the wing
Hear United sing
Viva Ronaldo
n btw i got a new blog:

Abhinav (or Tandon in case u get confusec :P)

RaSh said...

Mr. Tandon gave the wrong link to his own blog. Thu Tandon!!
Or you can check it out from my Blog Links ;)

Gunner Galactico said...

Raise your hands if you hate united!!!!!...........noone??*shrinks*
seriously...good job....
"lampard was born deflected"....ROFLMAO....funny shit

RaSh said...

Oh & btw Gooner... MANU WON!! YOYO
:P :P

avi said...

yeah rash if u rly care abt ur futbol updates followers den mayb u shld think of puttin updates on transfers in epl n d oder imp leagues...
jst a suggestn bro...i kno it'll tk lts f tym...

RaSh said...

Cool idea!
I dunno how feasible it is to manually add Football updates (Depends on my campus net). But let the EPL season start. Will surely add something for ManU fans atleast :D :D

And yeah keep suggesting such stuff! Will try my best to add as much possible! ;)

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