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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Been a long time since I wanted to write this poem. This one's for you buddy :)


I stood there, watching,
Him fall on the ground,
It all happened in a flash,
Shocking everyone around.

I saw blood ooze out,
His head was now red,
I stood there, silently,
Screaming, inside my head.

He was yelling in pain,
& blaming me constantly,
As he silently stood up,
And walked away, calmly.

He was trying to hit me back,
And kept shouting all this while,
As I walked with him, watching,
Him walk quietly with a smile.

The doctor took him inside,
I could hear him scream,
As I sat in the silent lobby,
Still hoping it was a dream.

He came out, bandaged,
I could see pain in his eyes,
He smiled and glanced at me,
I looked back with surprise.

Till now, I had thought,
He blamed me for this all,
He smiled, said “It’s cool!
After all it’s Football!”

How could he be so calm?
How did he stay this way?
“Still, I’m really sorry”,
Is all that I could say.

PS: Finee!! NO MORE PS!! Be a beeetch! :P


shubho said...

I Guess i Owe you one toooo..
I'm Sorry..
Best wingie EVER...

pallavi said...

u write so simply yet so superbly..
n now i m trying my best to figure out the hidden meanings or rather...disguised meanings :P

RG said...

There are no disguised meanings.

Poems with disguised meanings suck.

Haiku, therefore, pwn.

RaSh said...

@shubho: Didn't know you were on Blogger! :) Wish I would spend more time in my wing :D

@pao: yeah rg kinda said it.. nothing like "hidden meanings" or something. Just that it may sound confusing to some :P

Ajusal said...

Nice poem dude.....
It ws simple....but wid subtlties....dat made it rok.....
So so so....another gr8 poet in da makin.... :)
Now dat uve mastered sketching and acting......gnna rok da poetic wrld too eh.....
cool man....
Keep rokin Rash!!!

RaSh said...

@aju: till we hav shayar like you around me, i'll never be short on inspiration :D
Keep Bloggin!

shubho said...

yeah next 2 sems,...we'll try and spend more tym in our wing with loads of studying too do(YEAH RITE!!!! :p)
and yes im only a week into blogger..

RaSh said...

Studying.. oh yeah that :D

Gunner Galactico said...

I dont get it.Why dont i get it?? what's to get?? this is maddening.Its driving me insane. * Runs and jumps off a cliff *
erm....nice poem

Swagat said...

nice one!!!

keep going

me, as i am said...

nice one! wow man, we've sure got talented juniors... sketching, writing poems.. wats next? :P

"keep up the good work." my blessings are with u :P


RaSh said...

Hehee.. Thaaankkuu! :)

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