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Friday, June 6, 2008

Yoyo Euro!

The Euro 2008 Logo with Trix & Flix by Rasagy Sharma aka RaShEuro 2008 is here!!
For those who were still sleeping, wake up!! This football championship, next only to the World Cup, is being held in Austria & Switzerland from June 7th to June 29th. 16 Teams, 4 Groups. Get ready for some amazing display of soccer!!

Oh & these mascots are called Trix & Flix. Cute eh? :*

Among the teams, Germany, Russia, Spain, Netherlands have qualified for more than 6 times for the Championship. But you never know, Poland & Austria, coming for the first time till this stage, might surprise us all!!

With England not there, there sure is a little disappointment among their fans. Anyway I'm supporting Portugal, though all I want is good football.

Anyway for all the soccer fans out there, here are two important things:
  1. Schedule Sheet: If you are planning to follow every game, then this is a must! An excel sheet, programmed to calculate Group Standings, future game fixtures etc. All you have to do is fill in the score of the match and get the stats!
    Get this here: AceFixtures for Euro 2008!
  2. Online Schedule: If you are the lazy kind, this is for you! A live schedule & stats center with a cool flash design.
    Bookmark this site now:
    PS: Change the settings to get time in IST (GMT+5:30).
Well I'll be away from the internet for a few days. So will be back with updates after a while!!

PS: Which Team are you Supporting? Leave a comment!!

PPS: One more thing: 1000 HITS! Thanks to everyone who visited my blog! :)


Anonymous said...

support Mohun BegaN..loved them in the match against munich...they he;d the ball for a grand total of what...5 minutes??

RaSh said...

Yoy I'm Back!
I used to support Bagan too.. But now its Sporting De Club Goa :D

Anonymous said...

Yay naya blog to read !
So sorry ive been totally outta touch wid evry1 ab i can start off doin all the old pagalpantis again maybe even blog again
BTW great sketches rash... and u wrote for digit? tht's supercool!

RaSh said...

Yoyo Ax!!
Ab to free hai.. Resume blogging!!

pao said...

1000 hits!!!
yoyo :)

Rahul said...

yoyoyo !
and GO Romania !! [read: Spain wlll meet em in the quarters if Romania come second GO Mutu n Chivu !!]

RaSh said...

Yo! Spain beat Sweden today 2-1.. Good for them!!

As for Romania, unless Italy & France draw, they don't have a chance. But then this is Euro :D

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