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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recent Deviations

Okay it's been a long time. Though apparently I've been doing nothing other than getting bored at home, I still have been busy, well err.. doing nothing.But then, alot of things happened since the last time I posted, so well here are some of the major ones:

[Yes you have to Click them to Show/Hide more info. Talk about spoon feeding! :P]
TalkOfCampus | Euro Update | New Blogger Features

Under the guidance of Harsha Konduri, from the first batch of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus, I'm proud to announce that the TalkOfCampus website is up and running!

Well incase you still are clueless, TalkOfCampus is a web service, launched by Vipashyin. It aims at providing a one-stop shop for college students (and aspirants) by giving them everything they need: The latest College Notices, News Updates on what's happening in and around your campus, a platform to share and build Projects, a playground to enjoy chatting about random topics through Blogs & Forums,and a lot more!

Right now in Alpha Stage, the site is available only to BITS Pilani, Goa Campus. Our Dev team is working very hard to remove any bugs and make visiting the site a much better experience. So needless to say, your suggestions are most welcome!!

*Update: It was an honor to have Dr. Rahul Banerjee, (CS & IS Deptt, BITS Pilani) comment on our project. Thank you Sir!

PS: Click on Euro Update & New Blogging Features above to see more about them!

PPS: Bing finally uploaded his "Yeah Him!" Series!! Go check!!


shuchi said...

hmmmmmmmmm quite a bit of information!!!!

RaSh said...

Oh well...
That's why I kept an option so ppl who don't like (or know?) Tech stuff don't need to read everything :P :P

Rahul said...

Good effort! Keep it up Team! Heartennig to see a young bright team trying out their ideas in meaningful ways.

With due regards,




Dr. Rahul Banerjee, Ph. D. (CSE)
Associate Professor: Computer Science & Information Systems Group
Chief: Software Development & Educational Technology Unit

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
PIN- 333 031, INDIA

Alternate E-mail Id:
Phone: +91-1596-245073 Ext. 335 (Desk)
SDET Unit Office: +91-1596-242126 Ext. 8403
Cell: +91-9414082475

FAX: +91-1596-244183


•sowmya• said...

waah..! thnxx.. atleast for telling me abt that import export option.. i've done that once.. i wont do it agn hopefully...! good features re... thnx for post about them..!

RaSh said...

@Rahul Sir: Thank you Sir! It's heartening to see our efforts are already being appreciated! :)

Subscribe to the Blogger in Draft Feed to stay updated with more such features!

Ajusal said...

Great post dude...
very informative...
Esp da new blogger ones..

Anonymous said...

That's nice Rash...have signed up already!

RaSh said...

@Aju: Thnx buddy! Will try and keep you all updated with the new features :)
Oh & Do register on TalkOfCampus!

@Shalini: Hey thanks for signing up! Do tell me your suggestions & views about the site :)

shuchi said...

ya thts y i didnt keep away frm the post!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice buddy ! good post !


RaSh said...

@Arny: Thnx buddy! :)
@Shuchi: Getting all techy eh? Good good!

RG said...

This post had nothing to do with DeviantArt!

*Flings razor sharp discs of holy wrath in random directions*

RaSh said...

@RG: lol
Did I disappoint you? :P

The Witch King of Rohtak said...

hey..that TalkOfCampus thing is good....I think i saw something about it on MTV Wassup too!! Couldn't see the whole thing but there was talk about the BITS Pilani people and a website so i figure that must be it...

RaSh said...

MTV? That sounds cool :D
Just wait for the actual site to start. This is just for our "Testing" purpose :D

executioner said...

Google reader just pwns man. I was never a regular user of feed aggregators, but this thing has me hooked. It is so convenient!

RaSh said...

@exec: I'm guessing that was supposed to be on the next post :P

Anyway thnx!

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