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Monday, May 19, 2008

Finally Home!

Delhi greeted me by the hottest afternoon in the past few days, though since then the sun has hardly been visible. It's been raining, which isn't very common during this time of the summer. But well who cares! Good for me!

It took me a while to get used to home. The food that makes you realize you were surviving by eating shit till now, Relatives who treat you as if you are a superstar, and well no tension of having EG pracs the next morning. But well it takes a time to realize that you can't wake up whenever you want, you HAVE to eat everything that is served, you can't stay up late night, and you are suppossed to do something productive or else teach your sister.

But what I'll miss the most is the people, or rather the time spent with these people. Though it isn't the last time I'll see them (Unlike fellow-blogger MS di who now will not be seeing half of her batch-mates next sem), I still miss the random moments spend with them.. So then,

  • No more meeting people and then saying "Waazzaaaaaa...."!
  • No more saying random abuses & fighting with people...
  • No more going to someone's room to call him for lunch, and finding him asleep...
  • No more messages saying "colon hyphen P" in the middle of a lecture...
  • No more bringing people back to this world while they sit at the dinner table all lost...
  • No more calling people "muscular"...
  • No more messaging people to come for dinner & getting a "I had a juice in the evening" reply...
  • No more screaming next to someone's window...
  • No more spending days in someone's room...
Well its a long list, but this kinda sums most of it. I'll miss you people!

Ok enough of this "I miss BITS". Here's a good news: I finally got my hands on the May Edition of Digit! Felt great to see my name on it! :)

PS: Apart from my article, the DVD & CD has some nice softwares, Update for Vista, and some really cool "Indie Games"! Go buy one now!


Mustang said...

Is that stuff supposed to be a whole series of potshots? :P . And OBBBBBBB we're gonna wait for ur copy. Bring the dvds along ;)

RaSh said...

Well yeah there's one for everyone! :P

And yeah i knew u all were muthas! Go die.. Bas yeh jo snaps post kiye hai unhe padh ke khush ho jao! :D

Utkarsh Sinha said...

pro!!! a writer of digit!!! 8-|


anuj said...

*bows and farts...gets up embarrassed and bows again*

RaSh said...

@utakarsh: thnx bro!! :)

@anuj: pakka.. lemme get my hands on the cheque first! :D Though if u r in a hurry, come to delhi and get one! ;)

anuj said...

hey rash...i m coming to delhi....treat lene nahi
17-22 june!!

Harsha Vardhan M.V said...

hey nice man..
writer for digit ..
keep it going

RaSh said...

@Harsha M:
*Bows down*
Thnx buddy!! :)

@Anuj: YOYOYO!!!
Saale mile bina mat jaana!! :P

Anonymous said...

ae rash bhai...bole toh apun ko bhi magazine mein apna naam maangta hai....kuch idea kitna khilaana pilaana padega

on a serious note:
dude ur getting paid....humaar hissa kitna hai re??


RaSh said...

Hey Tand0n!
I'm just a freelancer, so I only get paid for stuff that's published :)
Sadly my cheque reached the campus after I left, so you'll have to wait for the treat :P


Twishmay said...

awesome man !
Whats ur article about ?

Id luv to get a copy but I dont think it would be available now. U got a softcopy of it ?

avi said...

cmpletely awwssssmmmm man....ntin lyk being d writer fr digit....dats 1 rly major step i whr al is it publishd???...along being in india???....luvd dat mag bro...keep workin....gud luk..

avi said...

n dis is case u din realise whus dis :P

RaSh said...

Hadh hai yaar... I won't forget avi :P

PS: Still scared of...? :D

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