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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sketch: Thanks!

I found another sketch I made during the vacations which I had forgotten about. One of my friend's mother wanted a sketch done on "Interpersonal Relationships", mainly related to Child-Parent relationship. So after looking online for a few references, I made this:

"Thanks" - To all the lovely parents out there!

First time I sketched for someone I didn't know personally! :D
My friend later called up and told that his mom really liked it. Yay!

So how's it? Any comments/suggestions? Would love to hear from you!

PS: As always, you can check out my other sketches here! And don't forget to subscribe!

PPS: Sorry for the sudden lack of Tech posts. It's going to be worth the wait! ;)


Thejazzz said...

*coughs* CSI IT *coughs* Idol 3rd *coughs*

RaSh said...

Oh did I forget to mention this? :P

Yay 3rd place in CSI IT Idol == 3K + Printer (+Trophy :P)


Divesh said...


Utkarsh Sinha said...

umm.. is there a smiley for "bowing"?

And about the sketch.. when I first ur status on gtalk, i thought "what?".. and on looking at it, the status seemed perfect. nice work :)

RaSh said...

@Divesh: Thanks :)

@Utkarsh: Woha.. I'm glad you found it so! :D

Vidya said...

hey, veryy nice! :)

RaSh said...

Hey thnx a lot Vidya di! =)

Anonymous said...

good one there,As usual ! :D
can't wait for the tech draft 2 b published

Sameer said...

ummm..he looks like obama's son/..if he shall have any..
anyway!mast hai!

RaSh said...

@Gracelyne: Thanks!
As for the tech post, it'll take a while. Till then, you'll have to do with another Photo collection :P

@Sameer: lol yea now he actually looks like that! :D

Rover said...

Heyyy....nice ness...I've seen this before na?

RaSh said...

@Rover: Yea.. before I lost my sketchbook (& found it again)

Pulkit said...

Its so beautiful!!Amazing job Rash.

RaSh said...

Hey Thanks a lot Pulkit! Glad to see you here! ;)

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