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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sketch: Anime Girls for my sister

It's been a while since I posted a pencil sketch. I found these 2 rough sketches I made for my sister during the vacations that I forgot to post. :)

Both of them have been inspired by Anime/Manga wallpapers, which is pretty evident from the drawing style.

Oh & if you're wondering what in the world is Manga or Anime, basically it's Japanese style of comics/animation (or cartoons). Heard of DragonBallZ, Naruto, Pokemon, Bleach (I've been obsessed with Bleach lately!) etc? They're some of the popular Anime (Most Anime are made after a Manga is released). You can check one of my old post which had more about Manga/Anime & a few typical Manga Expressions! :)

So which Anime/Manga do you watch/read? Suggest me some good ones for sketching!
And don't forget to comment on the sketch. Any suggestions on how to improve? :)

Oh & do check out a recent post by Bing on "Pokemon" (and Pokemon Parody comics too!)

PS: As always, you can check out my other sketches here! And don't forget to subscribe!

PPS: I forgot that "girl" in the url is blocked in my campus. So well, sorry guys. :P


Mainak said...

Really good one!! Could we have a crash course on making Animes? Some tips etc..?

RaSh said...

If you really want to start learning, just do a google search or go to DeviantArt and search for manga tutorials. I don't have so much experience to take a "crash course"! :D

Rijul said...

Really cool yaar! Im your fan now!!

shalinilahiri said...

Hah, very pretty, I like! Some deviantart artists you can check out for anime and manga- kriscynical,jadet,tomoe325,moonphased (visit her site :)) and follow their faves. There are loads of good artists who draw Inuyasha anime on deviantart, so just search for that.

And try having a look at Angel Sanctuary and Trinity Blood and Vampire Knight, lovely style of drawing.:D

RaSh said...

I'm honored Rijul! :)

Oh & thnx for the amazing links shalini! I guess next time I'll just directly ask you for suggestions! :D

Downloading the anime you mentioned! :)

shalinilahiri said...

LOL. DC Zindabad. :P Better check out the manga, because the manga artist's style always differs from the anime artists' styles. Visit to get all the manga.

And another link you'll like, I Hope.

Basically this has a lot of artwork in the anime style called chibi. (basically taking serious characters and making them comical by reducing their height and exaggerating their expressions to make them more comical).Maybe Bing will also liek them. :)

RaSh said...

Yea manga are easier to sketch than anime (obviously), but I noticed that anime (or infact fan art) are much more detailed/better drawn than their manga counterparts (atleast that's what I noticed till now). Hence I've kinda switched from manga to anime (I still read a bit of manga randomly) :)

Yea "chibi" style is completely different (similar to my earlier post on manga expressions) and it sure is fun to sketch. I guess I'll sketch some of it after the tests! :D

Any more suggestions anyone? Anime/Manga? Or feedback on the sketches? :)

Gracelyne said...

first sketch is awesome..
The eyes - wow..well sketched ! :)

RaSh said...

Hehe.. I'm glad you liked the eyes! I somehow love the way they make eyes (and male hair) in manga/anime!

Anonymous said...

its pretty good. could have been better..
but if i were to rate urs it would b 7/10 mine in 9.9/10 :)

RaSh said...

@Anon: Thanks for the rating.. But umm how do I compare it with yours if you don't leave any link to ur work? :P

Oh & lemme know how it could've been better! ;)

PS@Others: No, I'm not dead. I'm just a little too, lazy (let's settle on that for now!)

Anonymous said...


RaSh said...

@Anon: Humm.. Now that you're requesting.. Maybe.. :)

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