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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sketch: Lights, Camera, Action: The Winners!

First of all, apologies for being so late. The net in my hostel is still not letting me create a new post, so I finally gave up and came to the Computer Center.

So I was glad to see the response to my first contest that I started on New Year's eve :)
Here are the winners:
* Drum Roll *
  1. Madhan aka Darwinci (Blogs here)
  2. Ankit
  3. Avinash
  4. Nidhi aka Keeper of Keys (Blogs here)
  5. Prateek (Blogs here)

(Other 2 don't blog often :P)

I'll make the sketches as soon as I get a reference image from everyone!

PS: For those who're left out, start bugging Abhijeet. He just got a new tablet ;)

Oh & I went to one of the TV studios I used to act at and made a sketch of one of the cameras (Never got a chance to be behind a camera before!). They've been using the same ones for the past 10 years, which is weird because the Video Editing rooms now have amazing Macs (Each with 3 LCDs and really high end config.. Awesome!). Anyway here's the sketch:

How's it? Would love to hear your comments!

PS: Any other ideas for a contest? Do let me know!

PPS: Check out all my sketches here!


Ramana KV said...

The sketch came out very good..

RaSh said...

Hey! Thanks a lot! Glad to hear you liked it!

Prateek said...


the sketch came out very per the sketch there is nothing add on to it.......but if you would like to make it a rendering/drrawing,then also consider the texture and light effect,it will help in help in increasing the realism...............i just love the layout of your blog....

RaSh said...

Thanks Prateek. I'm planning to learn bit of Photoshop/Expression Studio this sem and then try rendering my old sketches. Will surely keep this in mind! :)

Glad to know you like the layout.. Though I wanted to change it but never got time (/internet) during vacations. Let's see when's THE time :D

Ankit Agarwal said...

hey greatt sketch mate.. but i expect nothing less frm you.!

and yeah yay, cuz i gt my name on the list. thanks for the laurels.
bt i srsly wish i cud say u were wrong about me not blogging enough,, sadly its true. :(

RaSh said...

Thnx :D

Oh & I know it's pretty hard to blog regularly. I had been on blogger (community blogs) for 3 years before I started a personal blog. Sometimes it sounds more like a part time job (And all you get in return are comments - which are pretty few too!)

Still I hope you start blogging regularly! ;)

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