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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today was the Farewell for the 3rd year Batch. Since in their 4th year, only half of them will be in campus at a time (Others will be doing PS), hence the farewell now. Some of the people I'll really miss next year...

- Vandith PSR

- Akhil S

- Manasa Di

- Abhinav Lakhotia

- Purnoor Singh Sodhi

- Angad Singh Gill

- Drama Club Seniors

- DOSM Seniors

Thanks to all the seniors for what they gave us all... Kudos to you all!!

PS: Click each name for more info....
If you have time to read that is :P


rip van winkle said...

ooh flattering that was!! u should see the non-waves side of me, though.. might just take back what you said

Akhs said...

Hei... dat was touching... really nice of u... Have fun!
OOPS!!! did i miss sumthing?

No Way!

"Podaaa aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa"


Have a gr8 life ahead...

RaSh said...

Hey thnx a lot MS & Akhs for your comments!!

Waves was the first-of-its-kind learning experience for me... And thnx to you, it was fun!! :)

Waiting to work with you again \m/

mekala said...

this is one of the best tributes any1 gave 2 the seniors of bpgc!!!
kudos 2 u rash..
p.s. blog more scratch less:P

RaSh said...

yoyo Mekala...

Yeah I'll blog more... As far as scratchin is considered, well I'll think about it :D

anuj said...

senti post raa..:P
but very well written. good gesture.:)

vandith said...

hey.... i jus came back here again... was thinking a lot about all u guys... :( only a sem more to go :'(

CVK said...

Very impressive :) Keep the bonding intact

RaSh said...

Will try my best to stay in touch with everyone!

Can't let such great seniors go so easily :D

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