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Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo: Bright start to CSI IT Idol

Here's a pic that I took a while back, around 8 in the morning just outside my college. I was luckily carrying my camera, and quickly took a snap before sitting in the cab!

[Click for large view]

This was clicked when I was on my way for the Programming Round of "CSI IT Idol of Goa" (C.S.I. = Computer Society of India. I'm one of the co-founders of its chapter in our college!). Basically the contest has a written round, followed by a programming round (which I cleared last week).

Now the 10 shortlisted BE/ME/MTech students from Goa will compete in a presentation round, followed by an interview. I'm the youngest amongst the 10 I guess (other 2 selected from my college are 3rd yearites) so I'm glad I made it till this stage! I'll try my best to atleast clear the presentation round. :)

Wish me luck! :D

PS: Yes, I do have my tests going on right now. But I can blog, can't I? :D

PSS: Must I request you to comment everytime? :P


Divesh said...

all the best..

Rover said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak
Well, best picture yet, at least ^_^

RaSh said...

@Divesh: Thanks! :)

@Rover: lol
*Bows Down*

Prateek said...

sexy pic . . . .

RaSh said...

Thanks! =)

Anwin Joselyn said...

Hi RaSh, was wondering if you are aware of the Delhi NCR IndiBlogger Meet 2009 scheduled for the 4th of April. Would be great if you can make it and blog about the event too.

Please send in your ideas for the agenda in the comments section.



RaSh said...

I am subscribed to IndiBlogger, and recieved the notification about the Meet. But while I'm in my college in Goa, it isn't possible for me to go to Delhi. I'll be back in Delhi during the summer, and will surely attend any meet that takes place then! :)

Thejazzz said...

That pic cant be real...... it just... cant be...

Anonymous said...

Divineeeeee picture :)
Awesome MAn!!!!

ps:wats ur gtalk id

RaSh said...

Hehe. Wake up early sometime Jazz, specially when there's a little cloud cover. Our campus looks awesome! :)

RaSh said...

@Gracelyne: Thnx for the comment! :D

Ramana KV said...

Nic pic dude... All the best for the competition..

RaSh said...

Thanks alot!

I'm not sure if I'll be taking part in the last round. I have a lab exam on the same day.

Keeping my fingers crossed! :(

Sameer said...

rash...itna bada ho gaya hai?
u still need best wishes?

all the best!;)

RaSh said...

Thankoo sirjee! :D

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