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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photo: Waves Summer 2009 in 5 Pics!

It's been a week. A week since WAVES Summer 2009, the cul-fest of BITS Pilani Goa Campus got over. And wasn't it worth all the effort we put in!!

Being a core member of Controls & Event Management for Waves, I was running around most of the time. But during the little time I got, I tried to click a few pics (& ofcourse enjoy the performances!). So here are 5 pics I'll always relate with Waves Summer 2009!

The Waves Summer 2009 logo - Kudos to Arts & Deco Deptt!

Dance performance by students from PEC (Punjab) - Hats off to you guys!

The Winners of Dance competition - Jeppiar College, for 2 consecutive years!

Guest performance by the judges - Amazing Couple Dance!
I'm in love with Motion blurs! Too bad I dont have a SLR :(

The final Special Night - Performance by Rainbow Bridge. What a show!

Want more? Catch me on Facebook to see loads of photos of Waves (& Rainbow Bridge!)

Oh & any comments on the pics are greatly appreciated! :)

PS: Enjoyed Holi? If you are one of those who doesn't play holi, check this and don't miss it next time!


Utkarsh Sinha said...

neat photographs.. especially the first and last :) And I just checked the wala link... the great pics there aswell... and the comments are even more interesting :P

RaSh said...


If I can get my hands on a DSLR, I'll take much more of those blurred ones. I love the effect!

Oh & the site is AMAZING! Check out ALL the archives! :)

Sameer said...

badhaiyaan ho ji...for a greatly managed and well organized show...i hope?

RaSh said...

Hehe.. Well it was way better than last time. But ofcourse it can't be all perfect (Inaug sukd, Sea Rock got delayed a lot!) We've got a huge list of things we'll be keeping in mind next time (Remember I posted about Oasis a while back? Well we have a longer list for Waves) :P

Hopefully Waves will grow better every year! \m/

Mainak said...

The blur effect has come out really nice. Though it has probably become a little difficult to discern what the dancer(s?) is performing - but i guess that is what blur is all about?!

RaSh said...


I actually read up a little about Slow Synchro Flash today. Awesome technique! :)

PS: I took a few motion blurs a while back. I'll post them when I find them!

Thejazzz said...

Are these DOPY approved pics?? :P

RaSh said...


Let's not stretch it over here. I don't want "Mr.DoPy" coming here & crying about lack of funds! :P

PS: For those who dont know DoPy, it's our Photography club (Deptt :P). And, umm, it's, err.. amazing! :P :D

smaranika said...

are yaaar u people r really irresponsible]
u didnt give me my award 4 d 1st prize in panorama..infact dey tld dey wil send it 2 my til nw no 1 has turned up i think..plzz luk 2 it...its discoraging yaar!!!

RaSh said...

Don't worry, you'll be getting the prize money & the goodies very soon (The Spykar guys sent the goodies after Waves. :X). And yes, it'll be sent to your campus (Prize money will be put in the cul-rep/faculty rep's account.) :)

Patience, patience :P

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