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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Zephyr '08 - BITSians Fight it out!

Zephyr '08, the Intra-campus Cultural, Technical & Sports Fest of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus, concluded this Sunday. 13 Hostels (11 Boys + 2 Girls) fight out for 4 days to emerge as the winner, with events like Fashion Parade, Dance Duo, Solo Singing, T-Shirt Designing, Contraption, Tug of War etc.

Last year, CH1 (My hostel), came 2nd, closely beaten by CH4 (one of the girls hostel). This time, it was the other way round, with CH1 beating CH4 (Even though there is a huge advantage on CH4's side. Guess what :P )

Anyway we still managed with some 3000 5400 points, and beat CH4 with a difference of 25 points :D

I took part in 4 events, and here are the results: (Click on the Event name to know more!)

Rasagy Sharama aka RaSh playing The Joker from Dark Knight in Zephyr '08
+ Mock TalkShow : 1st Prize (With Betting)

+ Spot Sketching : 1st Prize (With Betting)

+ Codatholon : 1st Prize

+ Street Play : 2nd Prize

Rasagy Sharam aka RaSh in Street Play in Zephyr'08
Here's me (Center), Sudarshan (L) & Rituj in a scene.
Sitting from L to R: Pao, Parag, Doodie, Salil

In total, I earned some 1,675 points for CH1 :D

This was more of a self praising post (Come on, I can do that once a while right?)

Anyway how was your experience of Zephyr? If you aren't from BITS, then do comment about your college fests...!! ;)


Sameer said...

oooh....great.chcha gaye guru...though you didn't tell what you got for the prizes...

i liked the talk show concept..nice..and you really look scary..really scary!

and whats the thing with betting??
(10 ka 6??,20 ka 30??)

RaSh said...

This is intra-campus only, so no prizes, just points. If you bet in an event and come 1st, you get more points (Points for winning + Bonus). If you come 2nd/3rd, you get 0 points as bonus + some points for winning. Anything less than 3rd and you get negative points!

And yes, you have to be here to know how things go. There are hostel wars, slogans.. what not! Awesome fun! \m/

Nikhil said...

lets put smile on that face :D
good make up dude....
hope u have the videos.. i will see when i come :)

RaSh said...

@Nikhil: Sadly, DoPy didn't come to take any videos.. But then they took pics which is more than what I would expect from them.. :D

So you'll have to compromise with the pics only :(

deepak said...

dude..u really rock..\m/

RaSh said...

Thnx deepak! *Blushes*
But in the end, CH1 rocks \m/

executioner said...

we had 5400 points at the end, not 3000 odd :P. \We pwbn.

shalinilahiri said...

CH4 hates you Rassius ! >:-<

LOL...saala, you and Sammy and teh exec roxxxest-yoyoyoyoyo \m/ (I'm praising in true Bitsian style)

Akash said...

"Sadly, DoPy didn't come to take any videos.. But then they took pics which is more than what I would expect from them"
Haha! Lol!
Congrats! And the makeup is very good. You should have been wearing a purple suit though (Where did he get it from?!) :D

RaSh said...

@Exec: Ah my bad.. 3000 was on Day 3 I guess.. :D

@Shalini: LOL
But then, we still didn't have Atul.. Had he been there... :P

@Akash: Hehee.. You know what? DoPy were busy taking video of JAM at that time. I mean Video of JAM!! WHY!!??

Oh and even though there are so many different guys in our campus, still a "purple suit" is asking for too much. :D

shubho said...


RaSh said...

Yoyo Shubho!
CH1 \m/

Chetan TG said...

omg ... you was the joker? i was there for just 15 mins.
all the 4 days i was running behind treasure.. so missed a lots of events :(

RG said...

I wish I was there with a gun and a coin to flip...

RaSh said...

@RG: lol =D

@Chetan: Hehee.. For all those who missed it.. YOUR FAULT!! :P :P

Swagat said...

rash ur pic is awesome, the expression..
gonna give heath ledger some competition with that look.

RaSh said...

Hehe.. Thnx bro! ;)

Koi video leta to I could have showed off :D :D

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