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Saturday, September 27, 2008

3 Google Services I like the most!

As you might be knowing already, it's Google's 10th Birthday today :)

Today Google is more than just BackRub, it's behind nearly everything we do online (And even offline!), be it Searching, Mailing, Blogging, Social Networking...

Anyway here are the 3 Google services I like the most (Apart from Google itself!) and have posted about. Do check the posts if you still haven't!! :)
GMail: 10 GMail features you MUST know!
Google Chrome: All you wanted to know about Google Chrome (And more!)
Google Reader: Feed me, Google Reader!

So which all Google Products/Services do you use the most? How has Google made you life simpler?? Do add a comment!

PSsstt: Google Toolbar 5 is now available!! Go Download now!

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