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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sketch: Wall-E

Here's a sketch I made for a friend's B'Day Card : Wall-E
(from the Disney & Pixar movie Wall-E :P )

She made sure I saw the movie (I've not even seen the "blockbusters"), and I fell in love with it! The story is amazing, and animation is just what you would expect from Pixar. If you can, download BUY THE DVD and watch it!!

So here's the sketch for the person who inspired me to watch Wall-E :D

Sketch Wall-E (Disney & Pixar Movie) by RaSh

So how's the sketch? Oh and have you seen the movie? Would love to see your comments!


Anonymous said...

wall e is very cute man... u feel attached to him sumhow... awesome sketch by the way.. u learned to sketch by yourself or you did a course?

Sameer said...

chcha gaya bidu!

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Ooo nice sketch, haven't seen the movie though...

RaSh said...

@Srajan: Thnx! Just started sketching for timepass.. Really enjoy it now :)

@Sameer: Kash padhai ke liye bhi koi yehi kehta.. kal test hai and kuch padha nahi :(

@Ridhi: Do see the movie. It'll make you go awww :D

nj said...

stud macha...

RaSh said...

@Nj: For a sec I thought u were saying "Study macha" :P

solomonsta said...

hey dude
i just saw ur comment in my blog
thanx for the compliments dude
uv got sum gud works urself
jus keep practicin ul become better
cheers !

RaSh said...

@solomonsta: Hey thnx for the comment!
Hopefully one day I'll be as good as you ;)

RG said...

You have been found endorsing piracy.

Please assume the party escort submission position.

RaSh said...

Ah. Here you go! Corrected! :P

SilverMagpie said...

Nice sketch!
I haven't watched this movie yet, but soon I will!
Thanks for visiting my blog ;)

RaSh said...

Thanks SliverMagpie!

Hope to see more of your comments.. And keep posting your great artwork!

Ed Cooper said...

Hi rash,

great sketches! - I still need to see the film but have heard its awsome! - I really liked your chalk drawing of Goa Campus! - I dare say its a lot warmer than here in grey old suffolk UK. Keep up the good work....I am an artist too, if you want to look at my blog?? - Cheers, Ed

RaSh said...

Hey Ed!
Thanks alot for the comments! Really glad you liked my work.

Your artwork is really impressive! I strongly suggest everyone to check out Ed's Blog!

greatchinu said...

saheeee rash
ur seriously gud at sketching...what r u doing in CS!!!
career switch ke baare mein soch le..
im seeing some kick ass talent here!

RaSh said...

Nah.. Sketching is just for time pass :D

But yes, I wish I could merge Programming with Sketching. That would be the best option for me :D

Anyway thanks for commenting! ;)

avinashsonee said...

yep wall-E really impressed me too :)
and ur sketch is amazing - i love it :)

RaSh said...

@Avinash: Thanks! I guess a great movie deserves a nice sketch :)

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