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Sunday, April 12, 2009

5 Beach Pics - Celebrating 1 year of Blogging!

Yay! It's been a year since this blog's been up! *dances madly*

From Sketches, to Tech posts, to Photos, it's surely been lot of fun to blog! (And I hope it was fun to read the blog too!) :D

I wanted to go the conventional way and list down the "most popular posts" and blah blah, but I'm sure you aren't so lazy that you won't click the above links. :D
So instead, I decided to pick a few of my favorite pics clicked on a recent Beach trip to Majorda (Goa).

So here are 5 Beach pics to celebrate 1 year of Blogging @ Irrashonally Urs! :D

It's hard to get someone to pose for you when you go for a fun trip ("Stop clicking Photos re.. Let's go in water!"). But I was lucky to spot one of my seniors jumping around and got this shot!
PS: Check the feet's reflection!

A conventional Beach Pic, but I like the Sun's reflection, so decided to share it.

Let's take a walk till this world ends...
I love the straight coastline of this beach. And the trail left by a horse (I think) adds more meaning to the shot! :)

Random pic of the slippers we used for the "Goal posts" while playing football (or futsal?) on the beach. Loved the hue! :)

The Giant River!
Err.. well, it isn't a river. Nor is that edge of a huge mountain range or something. It's just a foot wide stream of water flowing into the sea and I held my cam just above the stream to get the effect :D

Hope you enjoyed this and all other posts on my blog! Don't forget to comment about what type of posts you like, so I can focus on them more!


Mainak said...

The Tech Posts!! Very informative indeed! The Google Reader one & the one on the blogs you follow regularly were very useful

Gracy said...

Happy anniverday ;) !!

RaSh said...

Finally I can open this post (Notice the celeb in the url? Yes it's blocked by our great net admins in college) :|

Anyway I guess Tech posts have been the main plus in the blog, and I'm guilty of not devoting enough time to it. Let my exams & internship get sorted out. Then I shall be back to blogging properly! ;)

Lisa said...

Hi RaSh, this is my first visit to your blog so I can't comment about other posts but I did want to say... "Love your beach pics!"

RaSh said...

Hey Lisa!
It's great to hear others appreciating your work, be it sketches or pics. Would love to know any suggestions to make them better! :)

Don't forget to subscribe! ;)

Anonymous said...

hey man, well done on the 1 year blogging - I have just over 2 weeks till I celebrate my first year of blogging.

Saw your post over at #31DBBB so decided to check out your blog - very cool man. Hope the project is working out for you :-)


RaSh said...

Hey Phill! Thanks for dropping by!

Well lately I've been guilty of doing everything other than blogging! But then, I've been reading up a lot on the net lately (About various things including Blogging), so it's not a complete waste of time! :D

Will try and squeeze in a post while I have my exams going on! ;)

MJ Doyle said...

Hey, saw you at Problogger and wanted to check out your blog.

My husband's a professional photographer so I can appreciate the beauty of your work. Thanks for sharing it!

RaSh said...

Wow.. Thanks a lot for the comment MJ! It's inspiring to see people actually appreciating my pics! :)

Will try and post a few more soon. Do subscribe if you haven't! :)

Rohit said...

I would've killed those admins by now if I was in your place...

Sameer said...

rash...kya hua?
not blogging for so many days?

would like to have your comments on this:

RaSh said...

@Sameer: Yay I'm back! Check new post! :)

Arpit said...

Hey Rasagya. Its me Arpit(from school). Great to land up on your blog. Awesome pics and very well written posts. Congrats on completing an year. All the very Best..!!

gallery 802 said...

The beach with sun set is looking very beautiful.

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