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Monday, August 18, 2008

BITS Updates: "Start" of Hyd Campus and LAN & Internet in Goa Campus

It's 4 in the morning and I'm finally free to write a post. It's been long since I posted, and I had to catch up with all that I missed in the last 3 weeks. Why didn't I post earlier? Being busy with club/deptt. work can be one reason, but the major reason is what has been happening in our lovely campus. Read on to know more. :|

For the record, I'm studying in BITS Goa. Oh I meant BITS Pilani Goa Campus. How can we forget the "BITS Pilani" Tag that we share! The brand name, the alumni support, what not. But seems like the tag isn't helping much (Not even in the placements). Here's what's new in the other "BITS Pilani" Campuses:

BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus:

First the Birla Group comes up with a BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus. Then they let students apply for it and ask them to come on 8th Aug for Registration. And on that day they send them back saying the campus isn't ready, so you are requested to come 2 weeks later. WHAT? I mean there were people from all over the country and you just ask them to leave without any prior notice? Never thought BITS would act so silly. Maybe the campus isn't ready (I heard rain should be blamed for that), but still this isn't the best way to start a new campus!

BITS Pilani Goa Campus:

Things here aren't any better. There still are power cuts (less frequent, and actually enjoyable during lecture hours), and it's raining 24x7. But we don't really care about that. What we care about is LAN & Internet. That's the most essential thing for BITSians. And the admins are taking it away from us!

It all started with the admins blocking Orkut in our campus last sem. Then they started randomly blocking keywords in the url, like design, picasa etc. Infact I had to rename my sketches on the blog (For ex: Sketch of Girl Crying). All this done to try and provide "better" internet speed.

Our director changed this sem, and he came up with an even more innovative way of improving speed: By dividing the Internet timings in slots of 2 hours each for the A & C wing. So now my hostel has net from 5-7PM, 9-11PM and then 1AM-8AM. And even in this "slot", many sites have been banned (Proxy sites are the first ones to be banned). Infact, my Sketch Slideshow doesn't work coz Picasa is banned. Great.

And now there are rumors that they might shutdown LAN during class hours. Oh come on, there are days when I have only 3 hours of lectures. What will I do in the rest 6 hours? What's wrong if someone plays CS or chats with friends in the other hostel during this free time??

In his speech on the Independence Day, the Director said that "Cows must be tied together to make sure they don't get lost. It helps both the cows & the shepherd." But we aren't cows. We are "adults" who have the Right to Vote, but not the common sense to realize how much time we should spend on the Internet. Yeah rite.

Already things like "Students with cgpa < 7 won't get electives" & "2007 batch won't get Creative Multimedia course. It's the policy" have been pissing us off right from day one. And the network admins aren't helping either.

PS: YES I'm pissed. Who wouldn't when he has to spend 2 ******* hours waiting for the internet "slot"?


Does your college also block websites/LAN? Or are you another BITSian who has been facing the same problems? What do you think about Restrictions on LAN & Internet? What should be done to improve the situation? Do leave a comment!


Manish said...

Lol...only ...!!I just hoped things to get BETTER wid Raman taking over as new diro...but seems ..its gone the other way round ...!![;)] nycase ..lite macha ..!!..Njoy BitSian life...[:)]

RaSh said...

Yeah well we can't do much either.. And BITS isn't the place where you get to see "strikes" or students fighting together for some cause :|

Let's wait n watch!

Keep commenting! ;)

Anonymous said...


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RaSh said...

I'll be glad to join SiliconIndia!

Just hope the campus admins don't block net now :|

RG said...

This is the kind of thing that makes me happy I went off to the US.

No power cuts.
24x7 High speed internet.
Campus-wide wireless access.
Nothing is blocked or banned.


RaSh said...

Yeah yeah... Rub it in :| :P

Prachi Bansal said...

damn it sucks... i cannot live without net..
god knows what i am gonna do next sem.. (on PS2 right now)

RaSh said...

@Prachi: Hopefully they'll do something about it. Though my room's LAN isnt working for the past 5 days, (Stopped working twice in last 20 days!) I'm still hopeful that things will get better.


Chetan TG said...

it took me more than 40 min. to read and post this one comment.. in cc.. that's all i can say about net...
and one more thing, why is your blog taking hell lot of time to load (than other sites)??

RaSh said...

@Chetan: I already optimized the blog a bit to make sure the posts load first and then the heavy apps (Like Shoutbox, Blogroll etc) load. I even removed my flashy navbar! :'(

Can't help if even then the site opens slowly :P

Chetan TG said...

oop, this time it opened bit fast... i'm using proxy :)

Anuj said...

How about circumventing traffic? Here's a link you may like.

We could disguise traffic and relay it through my computer (I am up for it if you need anything then call me), or something. If this can works in china, then it must work with pilani admins.

RaSh said...

Yeah good idea.. I was actually planning to use tunneling..

Let's wait for a while.. I've my tests starting tomorrow.. After that I'll get to work ;)

Thnx for the link.. :)

PS: One of the problem with this: The main comp should be on & have fast net. Not easy to find in India :D :D

Abhishek Kumar said...

Nice post...
Having to change ur sketch name for making it accessible in campus, esp by removing the word 'Girl' is absolutely insanely ridiculous.

RaSh said...

Yeah.. hopefully Your post about the pathetic condition of net/LAN in campus will spread some awareness..

Hoping for a better BPGC :)

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