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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sketch for my lovely Sister!

After the last two "Techy" Posts on 10 GMail features you MUST know! and Feed me, Google Reader!, I decided to take a break. If I were to continue writing only Tech articles, then I would rather rename my blog (Infact Aju suggested: "Google Tips n Tricks". lol!).

This vacation, all my plans of "Learning Sketching" went flop. The last time I touched those long, green, sketching pencil was more than a month back. Home has made me lazy :| . But finally, I got a reason to sketch!!

26th July, is was my cute sister's B'Day! And here's a part of the Card I made for her! :)

Sketch for Suramya by Rasagy aka RaSh

She loves dancing and singing, hence the dancing girl :)

PS: For those who have been reading my blog, did you notice that this sketch, just like that of BITS Pilani Goa Campus & a Girl (from LP's video), is also a "Pen-Sketch". Guess they are more fun to make :D


Ajusal said...

Gr8 sketch dude....
Ure damn gud at it for sure!!!!!
Really cute gift to give u're sis on her b'day :)
Keep sketchin like dis...
Just too gud...
The fact that u've made it with pen is even more fascinating!!!
Keep blogging!!
;) ;)

RaSh said...

Thnx aju!
This sem, I'll hopefully take out time to sketch properly. High time I start being regular :)

Nishant said...

Excellent as usual rash.
You gotta teach me shading dude. I've drawn a few cars this summer, but I cant really shade them. I'l pester you once we get back. :D

RaSh said...

Sure Nishant!
You teach me drawing (cars), I'll teach you shading ;)

•sowmya• said...

hawww... how cute...!
gr8 work rash..!
how did ur sister like ur gift.?
belated birthday wishes from my side

RaSh said...

She like all my gifts. And we went to Adventure Island for the party. \m/

And the sketch is now nicely put up on her wall. :) :)

mekala said...

hey rashy boy!!

some1 seems 2 have added another masterpiece 2 his set of works.oh how surprising(yawn) :|.

but anyhow belated wishes 2 ur sis and meet u on campus :)

Anonymous said...


RaSh said...

Thnx :)

Matangi Mawley said...

tht was gr8 sketch! kudos!

RaSh said...

Thanks to some weird restriction by Admins, I can't use my Google Account for Blogging/checking mail etc. So sorry for not posting/replying!

Anyway thnx a lot for the comment.. hope to see your comments on my other artwork too ;)

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