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Sunday, April 27, 2008

एक पौधा (Ek Paudha)

Long time since the last post eh? Well I was working on a few scripts and tweaks, so was a bit busy.
The Farewell of 3rd yearites led to a plethora of thoughts in my mind. I was remembering my school farewell, the great time we had in school and a sudden urge to go back to the good old days...

Since I was missing school so much, I decided to post one of my Poems I wrote before leaving school. The poem is in Hindi, and it is a bit long. So read further only if you have time :)

PS: Since FireFox has a some rendering problem with Unicode Hindi, I suggest you view this page in Internet Explorer. Or use IE Tabs in FireFox!
एक पौधा
[Click here to View]

My end-sem Exams start from 1st May, so don't expect many posts during the first 2 weeks :)

PS: If you can't read the देवनागरी script, Leave a comment. I'll add an option to view it in Roman Script. :)


anuj said...

awesumm..ya does sort of remind me of school again..the good ol days at RKP!

Prachi Bansal said...

very nicely written...everything makes soo much sense!!

Poonam Agrawal said...

Awesome....keep writing

RaSh said...

Thanks a lot Poonam! :)

Will try my best & resume writing in Hindi.

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