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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mysore Memories - Youth Hostel Sketch

"Change is Nature"

Over the past few days (months) without a constant (even occasional) internet connection, things have been pretty different. I completed my summer internship/Practise School - 1 (part of my Engineering degree at BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus) at CFTRI, Mysore. It's one of the many CSIR Research Institute in India (hence you haven't heard of it :P). And it's been a refreshing experience, to say the least!

Anyway here's a sketch I made of the Youth Hostel, where I was staying during my Summer Internship in Mysore. Oh & this is the first Youth Hostel in India (they recently celebrated 100 years of Youth Hostels across the world!). I was living in a dorm with 12 other BITSians, and considering we have single rooms in my college, it sure was a different (== fun!) experience.

More on the Mysore trip later! (This cyber cafe's making me sick :x)

PS: Gave this sketch as a gift to someone I met at Youth Hostel. Oh & for the record, this was the view from my favorite spot in the Youth Hostel - awesome place to play flute in the night! :)


Veyron said...

u mean u play the flute from a fav plce OUTSIDE d youth hostel? y dude.... chix in thr?

Veyron said...


RaSh said...

Err you can't play "musical instruments" inside the Youth Hostel. :P

Oh & for the latter, didn't I say that I was in Mysore? You're asking the wrong question buddy! :D

Sameer said...

hehe...tune flute seekhi??

RaSh said...

Err.. not really. Haven't learn the classical notes and stuff, so just play a few songs I've managed to play :D

yashasvi said...

hey... dats a pretty gud sketch :)

RaSh said...

Thanks a lot! :)
Good old memories, eh? ;)

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