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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Run Chef Run - My Game for CodeChef Contest!

Been a while eh? It's been more than two months since I last posted (Ironically about one year of blogging!). For those who're still following this blog hoping for a good post, well here it is!

Coming to the point, the past few days have been pretty different. A lot of things have changed, for example the fact that I've hardly been online lately (Can't help it, I don't have net access at my Institute in Mysore, where I'm doing a Summer Internship). So I've been spending a lot of time exploring things not in the World Wide Web.

And I finally succeeded in completing one of the "10 Things to do before I die" (Okay I don't really have such a list, but I guess now is a good time to come up with one!). So well, I made a game. Yup. Yes. Yeah. (Yoyo?) Sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting something greeattt. :P

CodeChef, a Directi Initiative, offers regular coding contests (aka codejams) apart from a huge collection of practise problems which you can solve in your free time. This May, they decided to do something different, and held a Browser Based Game Contest (Flash/JS Games). I was eager to take part in it, but couldn't take out much time from my summer internship. Anyway, I made a small flash game (1 Day of Photoshop + 2 Days of Flash) and came up with this:

The game is pretty simple. You are the Chef, you need to run all the way, jump over Binary Heaps and slide under Dangling Pointers (A little too geeky names eh?). And if you notice carefully (I'm sure you didn't :P), nearly all major objects are made using TEXT/KEYBOARD Characters ONLY (Like the Trees using "#" and Mountains using "&"). Sadly gif compression really (REALLY) screws up the detailing, so maybe you should wait for a while for better graphics (yes I'll make a new version soon!).

As for those who're thinking about the code, well basically everytime you play, the Environment objects (Trees/Clouds/Mountains/Bushes) are generated at random, and so are the Enemy (Or whatever you want to call that). So sometimes it'll be a little hard to play the game and sometime you'll just be plain lucky :P

Anyhoo comments about the game are most welcome. And please don't hesitate to criticise it! (Though a little description about what's not good will be better than the more common "This is $#!T" comment :P)

Oh & not to forget, I got an "Honorable Mention" for my game! You can check out all the Winning Games at the official blog post.

Thank you CodeChef for the mention! (I get a T-Shirt too! Yipee!)

PS: If you're a student at BITS Pilani, Goa Campus, gear up as CodeChef student Chapter will be up & running next sem! (You should know that by now! :P)

Lemme know how the game was! =) ;)


Unknown said...

gr8 that you're back... thank god...
even i was thinking about the irony with the "1 yr. of blogging" post and the two month drought...

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Kewl game! Congrats for the title :D my chef lasted 30 secs :P

Gud 2 c u back on track!
Stay on track ,too :P !

Prateek said...

That's quite a good effort for just three days work. Good on ya!

Vidya said...

I think I've something other than facebook to keep me occupied :P I love such simple games.
Contrast could be made better though, the background is too in-the-face.
Nice work.

Mainak said...

Congratulations! Nice game & welcome back to the world of blogging! In between, why don't you put up the other games you had made on the blog, like the football game you made in 11th? I am sure you must have made many more.

Rover said...

Aaargh...the graphics...they burrrn
But nice game man :)
And welcome back :P

RaSh said...

Wow! I'm glad to see you all are still following my blog!

@Divyam: Hehe.. yea it seemed too ironic :D Will try and be as regular as possible.

@Gracelyne: Woha! 30 Sec! That's damn good.
I guess the next version must have a "Hard" level too :P

@Prateek: Thanks a lot bro!

@Vidya di: lol FB sure is addictive!
And thank you so much for pointing out the contrast part. I guess I was more excited about the Bg than the Chef :D

@Mainak: Well, sadly I didnt complete anything properly (Too lazy as usual). And I'm too embarrased to put up the Class 11th wali Football game :P

@Rover: I repeat: I wish someone could help me with the Designing *hint* *hint* :P
And how about you also post what you've been upto eh? :)

Good to see so many comments :D
I wish I had regular access to net! :(

Shaheen said...

Congratulations Rasagy! :)

RaSh said...

Thanks Shaheen! It's amazing to see the amount of effort being put in by CodeChef Team!! :)

Devanshu said...

Nyc Game man,i am a new follower of ur blog .

RaSh said...

Hey Devanshu! I'm glad you liked the game.
Any suggestions to improve it?

Thanks for following the blog! :)

Supriya said...

Hi there...I got to know about your blog from your junior,and I must say that I am inspired.
Infct I am planning to take up game programming as a miniproject this sem at my coll. i.e. VIT university. Could you help me in any way?

Kitchen Sinks said...

Ya it is good and you can do this better .......provide this game with anti virus scanning and go for color coding........i will tell you rest of the tips next time.....i am your future maker. said...

Nice Work ......take some efforts in this to make it better.

greatchandelier said...

A good time pass with enjoyment,thanks dude.

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